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I've been suffering from anxiety for about 2 years now. I can't pinpoint one exact cause of it but it's been getting progressively worse. My mom doesn't live with me and I feel like her and my stepdad are not on good terms anymore and it scares me very much. I'm scared she will be stranded over 1,000 miles away and I won't be able to help her. I think that this plays a major role in my anxiety. Also, I live with my dad and its only him and me in the house. I have to worry about transportation (gas money or money for when the truck breaks), food, and other house related items (toiletries, clothes detergent, etc.) I cant really talk to my dad about it because he had an incident that mentally handicapped him. He doesnt process things as normal people do and i think this adds a significant amount of stress as well. I have gone to a professional only once and within my session I felt absolutely hopeless. Anxiety has absolutely taken over my life. I can't eat because I have this overwhelming nausea feeling when I even think about food. I can't sleep properly because my mind won't shut off. My thoughts are constantly racing and I always think about the bad and what can go wrong. Everything in my life has gone bad like my truck braking and I'm now left without any transportation, I have few to none I can talk to about this, my mom and stepdad fought very violently the last day I was with them, I'm always at home, and I stress about school. I've have been getting horrible panic attacks at random. At first it was as little as one every 3-4 months, now I feel like I can have one at anytime. I feel like my whole day is dedicated to distracting myself so I'm not right on the edge of having a meltdown. Im 17 years old and I feel like I'm already grown and I hate it. Please someone help me. Please I can't deal with these feelings. I wake up nervous, throughout the day it gets worse, and I fall asleep to my panic attacks. This isn't how a person should ever live. Please can someone tell me how to be even a fraction of what is considered normal. Please help me.


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  • Hey I'm also 17 years old and you can feel free to talk to me whenever you like I know it can get tuff I have been dealing with anxiety also for some time now and I also deal with derealization from anxiety it's like a feeling of unreality and lately my anxiety has been kinda high too I go to sleep and wake feeling anxious and feeling little tingling in my body and some times a lil off balance and some times I wanna just break down and cry cause it is really stressful and depressing and I know how it feels to feel like you can't help your mom with the whole boyfriend thing and I get nausea some times too when I think about food or some times just randomly If you ever wanna message me to talk you can , your not alone are you on any medication?

  • No I don't really want to take medication because I feel like I would be taking it all the time. Like popping pills, you know? I woke up anxious today too and I felt so horrible. I keep having to go to the bathroom cause I felt so nauseous. I've even slept in it one before because of how bad it got. It's nice to know I'm not the only one like this. It kinda makes me feel like im not just crazy and that what's happening to me is real.

  • Yeah I've been to doctors they all want me on medication so I just started looking for natural ways I really don't wanna be on any medication either are you homed schooled ? And yeah its good to know your not alone

  • No I go to my towns public school. It's relatively small tho. If I do ever get put on medication I would probably feel worse because it'll be like nothing else worked and that in so hopeless that it had to resort to taking pills and that scares me.

  • Yeah it scared me to but you don't have to do that look for more natural ways and see what helps you for me I drink tea for anxiety it helps me calm a little more

  • I try to drink green tea but I can't drink it with sugar cause it hurts my stomach. I usually try to read or clean to get my mind off of stuff but I still catch myself stressing like my shoulders will tense or I'll be clenching my jaw or a long time.

  • Have you tried it with honey ? That's what I use

  • Ya but to me it tastes weird. My librarian at my school is a good friend of mine and she always brews the best tea but I always forget to ask her what she puts in it. She also has trouble with anxiety but hers is more situational so she can control hers better.

  • Well also there's homeopathic it's natural and it dissolves in your mouth I got it from a health food store

  • Oh okay what's it called and is there an bad side effects?

  • If u have a number I could send u a picture of it , it's called homeopathic for anxiety relief you could look it up too it doesn't have any bad side effects, I know I be worried about side effects on things too

  • My phones out for another 2 weeks. I'm running on wifi. I have a email address could you send a picture to that?

  • I messaged you

  • Hi Megan, I know you don't wanna try any medication but here is one natural med that you can take and see if it helps you out but to be honest you should keep going to see you therapist eventually it will help you out I too am suffering from anxiety my symptoms are more physical then the anxiousness itself I can explain later if you like but I am taking Buspar 10mg twice a day sometime I take 5mg twice a day it's not natural but that's what I have decided on it helps take the edge of the anxiety itself that anxious feeling ... Now I didn't know any better at first or understood anxiety by any means it's an awful feeling and I completely understand you but 2 years with No meds is also stopping you from living your life ok here we go ........ Try VALERIAN buy it at GNC there is also a pill called CALM they are both natural my ex girlfriend takes it and it helps her .. Try the CALM FIRST and see if it works for you if doeasnt work for then try the VALERIANS .... Also try not to stress any problems your mom is having as it's only gonna effect you more your still young and have a lot to carry right now there will be better days keep your head up and pray do lots of praying God has already helped me out I'm beginning to see the light at that end of the tunnel trust in him and you will prevail ... May god Bless You Always and hope all goes well ... Do not take no the natural pills you can't mix so one at a time give it time ... Take care Megan all best of lucks you can talk to me anytime ...

  • Thank you very much I appreciate it.

  • Hey everyone I think you must start of with your sleep get good sleep excersise when ur not busy no matter how u feel it takes about 2 weeks before u notice a difference and have a good diet also what helps me is a tea and a cold shower and I turn a fan on when I'm about to sleep get a 8 to 9

  • Just follow the instructions on the natural pills also try and see a Psychiatrist or a Therapist .. It does help let them know if you start the Natural Meds they can also help you out if you go that route ... Remember VALERIANS or the CALM Pill .... Again take care and hope this can help ... Pls let me know if it works for you also Valerians can give you vivid dreams but that over anxiety anytime ....

  • Hey sorry what I meant to say was so not take both valerians or calm pill at the same time just buy one of them first at GNC and see if it works if it doesn't then you stop that pill and go buy other pill and try it in sure either one would work as I know people who take calm and it works or that take valerians and it also works.. I never tried it myself because I had started the Buspar and that's what worked for me so I didn't wanna go and monkey around after I got something hats helping me take the edge off

  • Oh okay thank you.

  • Okay I'll try that thank you very much. I think it's incredible that people care even though I'm a complete stranger.

  • Much welcome Megan anytime I know the feeling I will keep you in my prayers ... Trust in God for now buy Chamomile tea that will also help you out ... Again God Bless and keeps posted take care Megan ...

  • Also not sure what's your religion but I'm a Christian if you go to church and look for God that would also help big time they will pray for you and the people are very caring and helpful and if your going through troubles they would help you out in anyway....

  • I would contact and find out as much as you can about benefits and grants for yourself and family with disability issues. That might take some of the pressure off, also you should be able to access respite as you could be classes as a carer and get carers allowance depending on how affected your father is. There are people in these charities that will also help you with the form filling as it can be overwhelming doing the paperwork. I wish you all the best with getting some practical financial help.

  • Thank you very much!

  • P.s regarding your anxiety I would say at 17 yrs old your taking on a lot of responsibility within your family and worrying about family and your own sense of security. This is very normal and understandable. There is nothing wrong with you or odd about your psychological symptoms, its longterm stress and worry, what you need is practical help, some financial help hopefully benefits top up so you can focus on having a normal life again. I am a parent of disabled child and being a carer wears you down physically and mentally. Good luck with finding help also approach citizens advice bureau free advice. Good luck

  • Thank you I really do appreciate the advice.

  • Also if there are any other relatives, aunties, uncles grandparents siblings. Try and keep in touch with older relatives if you have them, advice from family will make u feel less isolated or friends you may have. It is so easy to put on a brave face and then feel more lonely. I have done that myself and lost touch with friends as I assumed they woukdn,t care. Depression and anxiety can make one shun people out of a sense of shame that we are not ourselves.


  • Hey I'm also a christian! I will also say unite yourself with very positive people a big factor, and we care because we understand I'm 20 about to be 21 from the US, and yea it can be hard sometimes, but when I have anxiety I just think about everyone who has it worse then I do.

  • I Calms in health shop some people say johnworths tabs as well

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