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Please please please read & help me

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I am really not coping now with my health anxiety the antidepressant don’t seem to working ( been on 3/4 months ) 20mg of citalopram anywhere noticed this on my toe thought nothing much off it till I went on dreaded google and now I am literally convinced I’ve melanoma cancer due to the spot that’s inside the nail bed

Please someone help me, I know I shouldn’t google but I’m totally convinced!!

This anxiety is getting no better and I don’t want to carry on living the rest of my life with it!

Any advice would be so great fully appreciated.

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That's not what melanoma looks like. You have a bruise , probably from your shoes putting pressure on that spot. If you're still worried have your Doctor check it out.

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Nevic84 in reply to sweetiepye

Thank you so so much I so appreciate the time you took to reply

I’m just a worrier and I’m disappointed in myself xx

Why are you disappointed in yourself? Many of us are anxious and it is debilitating but it is part of how you are.Accepting yourself for who you are and nurturing yourself is really important with anxiety.Take some time to do that each day.I would think that your toe is bruised, is it sore? I'm sure it will be fine soon.

Letting this anxiety ruin me

But anxiety is an illness and you didn't choose it.I see that you are a busy mum of 4 ,so I imagine time for yourself is limited, but try to find a couple of things to do that you enjoy to nurture yourself.Also reflect on the good things in your life...your children for example...and remind yourself that you have achieved some amazing things despite ADHD and mental illness.

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sweetiepye in reply to Nevic84

No no don't be disappointed in yourself. I wanted to make you feel better, not worse. You know we get into habits of thinking in a certain way or about the same thing Some of the cure is to retrain yourself to think in a different manner.The people who get better are those who keep trying. Pam

Have been referred to a dermatologist fingers crossed it’s nothing serious

in reply to Nevic84

I’m sure all will be fine, I know people saying this doesn’t help your situation. Please try not to worry, this will only heighten your anxiety more ❤️ Xx

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