Is it me? The Supplement? Or am I Truly Dying?

I took a powder supplement I had an increased Heart Rate, couldn't breathe, closed throat, just felt like death. For 2 weeks now I've been having some weird symptoms even though some symptoms improved, although but still there. I am convinced that a guy I was intimate with in September may have given me something, although about 3 months after I got tested for everything and everything was fine. BUT I am HIGHLY convinced that I'm diseased, and diseased from him. Today I'm going to call him and see about his health.

because people keep telling me that I shouldn't feel the way that I do from that kind of supplement but I did. I went to the hospital and everything I have no swollen lymph nodes or rashes. But I do feel so out of it, and my ears jaw get tight, my body feels hot on the inside, walking and such is so hard, breathlessness, muscle pains and spasms, I went to the doctor and gobbled tests done. I am going to sit here and fast until my results come back.

I just need someone to talk to.


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  • Would you believe me if I told you that you most probably not dying it's just your thoughts making you feel out of place.....look if you've been to hospital and test were conducted and they came back negative might mean that there's really nothing wrong with you I'm typing this I'm actually experiencing more or less the same symptoms.

    But I know I will be good in a few weeks or months either way I'll get my "normal" back

    Keep Well😊

  • Yes okay, Thank you Marsh. and I actually got in touch with the guy from September and he said if I needed anything he can call me I haven't replied because I feel like that is just plane rude to ask personal questions from not talking for so long. Also yes Marsh a lot of the symptoms have subsided and or gone away. I am very sensitive to medication, even something so simple like an advil or tylenol, so from taking the supplement on an empty stomach and not eating for 6 hours really damaged my body. Its been now 2 weeks since I've taken it and I must say today is the first day I feel a little normal. The only thing that worries me is feeling hot on the inside but having no fever, like ongoing hot flash, although if I'm calm it'll subside. Also I feel like sometimes theres a disconnect between what someone is saying and its meaning. For example my mom asked me if I wanted "sausage, and cheese" it took me 45 seconds to realize what those items were. like I couldn't vision the item. It seems as though the supplement triggered my nervous system just really scared.

  • Hi Pwayman22

    I'm happy you're feeling a bit this point take note of all the factors that trigger or worsen the condition.I for one know that i need to keep track of my caffeine intake because too much of it makes me feel jittery if not disorientated. You feeling hot on the inside might yet be a case of the anxiety as it's commonly known to also raise your body heat.Another possible factor might be acid reflux more especially if it's pursued by a slight cough.For anxiety medication should be the last resort so for calmness try to engage yourself in activities that ease your mind.e.g take regular walks,visit the gym now and then.writing down your thoughts down might also help :-)

    "May this Day bring you Peace,Tranquility and Harmony"

  • Yes thank you Marsh, I feel a lot better. Thank you so much for your support you really got me through. Today I feel good, it seems like my body is so tired of being under stress that I think it finally shut me down today. I have a weak pulse, a little breathlessness which I think is due to the constant mini seizures I've been having in my sleep and constant worry. At this point my body won't let me be go under stress, if I feel stressed my chest will ache.

    Life is crazy.

  • One day at a time

    One moment at a time

    Remember You're Loved by me:-) and everybody else here

  • maarsh you are so sweet and caring. Hope your day and evening bring you peace, calm and serenity. x

  • you saying that...makes you just as sweet :-)

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