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If it is anxiety what all can I expect?


Started with

Headache,dizzyness,Fast heart rate.....

After sometime(2 months)

Stomach discomfort,Change in bowel movement,Bodyaches

Now(4 months)

Still change in bowel movements,Headache feel feverish all the time pain in shoulders when I wake up, not able to sleep,Sour throat all the time flu all the time.Stressed all the time loss 4kgs


Big time cancer phobia I think I have symptoms of all possible cancer of the world recently worried about bowel and throat cancer alot

What I have done

Gone to around 15 doctors in 4months Got MRI and CT scan of brain aswell, Several blood tests atleast 4 times including lipid profile,ESR ,CBc cholesterol thyroid etc everything normal. Stool and urine test also came back normal just Mucus in stool no blood


I Know its not anxiety because I m heaving sour throat burning throat all the time stomach discomfort, Pain in every part of body especially hips and shoulder an legs.Lost weight

I feel feverish all the time

I have cold most of the time

Stool is thin than usual I always feel I didnt empty it completely

Evry doctor I meet tells me I m perfectly fine

Please If somebody knws anything related to this Let me know because it is definitely not anxiety.

I am just 23 year old but I feel like 80 these days.


Help please

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Well it can be anxiety.

Anxiety can cause so many symptoms that scientist are still studying this.

I automatically thought IBS and Fibromyalgia from what you describe

Both come on with stress/anxiety.

Although some people believe IBS contributes to anxiety either way it's there.

Your fine with all the tests you have had you are great.

Try to figure out what's causing you to be stressed or anxious, you'd be surprised that sometimes it could be such a small thing and you'll have your laugh. :)

Try breathing exercises, and exercise.

Get those endorphins going :)

Hope you feel better soon.



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sour throat feverish loss of weight??

It is not anxiety i guess


It could be cold/flu.


You can get a rise in temperature with anxiety.

Sore throat (especially if the pain in centered in the front middle of the throat, it's anxiety if its on the side of you neck then it's an infection and you should be seen to rule anything out.

I once lost 20 lbs from anxiety and when I was little I was skin and bones thanks to anxiety and depression it's still possible.

Try to relax and really pay attention to what your body tells you deep down inside something will tell you it's just anxiety.

I went through a period were I would get sore throats and chills fever when I was really stressed and since your body is using up all your energy for the attacks you are more prone to infections :(


It's anxiety!! You worrying about cancer obviously trigged this off! I was in your exact same position 4 months ago! Started with headache/ dizziness/ vision went- walking around on a boat like- pressure in my head/ couldn't sleep- insomnia for 3 days straight! Than all the body ache pains stared! Ear pain/ burning in thigh than all over my body- felt like I was in fire! And than this metallic taste in my mouth! I got so depressed that I lost 8 kg in to months! I had I'll the test done- lots of doctors and trips to the ER!! And yep they gave me a good bill of health!! It's anxiety !! It's hard to rape ya head around that fact but I excepted it!! Today I feel 100% better! It's been 1 month now and all my symptoms are now gone! My advice- Stop worrying about things that may never happen!! If the doctors say your fine and the tests too, then your fine:) I hope this helps!


Hi foxy ow did u get rid of it?


I got on meds! Started taking lexapro- been on them since September. I got my appetite back after 1 week into them and I stated seeing a therapist! Though my doc and therapist said that antidepressants don't take away anxiety symptoms! Just help you cope better with them! Anxiety and depression deplete serotonin in your brain and the lexapro replaces it! I started feeling better within the month but still had all my symptoms! I started to cope better with them! Which got me outer the house and I stared light exercise! At one point on life we can all go through great stress and our body's can't seem to hold it together! You need to stop stressing and worrying about what's happening to you body! You body thinks there's something wrong because you do!! It will pass!! I'm not sure if your want take meds but they can help!


Hello foxy36

How are you doing?

My anxiety and panic attacks are better but still there. Just not nearly as bad.

How did you get through it all?


Hi I started taking antidepressants/ help somewhat but still had all the symptoms! They help me cope better with them! I stoped getting so worked up about them and then my vision returned and the burning stoped! I haven't had an attack in over a month! And I back to sleeping like a baby:) I try and get out everyday and do something for myself!


you know when your anxious you pull your bodys defences down and to feel like you have a virus infection, etc can seem to be there permanently.. I have had the same.. I wasn't ill with anything it was the stress pulling my body down.. try to calm a little and see if it helps the physical symptoms.. also the bowels will be affected every time you are stressed.. that's the first part of the body to react so the more anxious you get the worse they will be.. I do wish you luck with this but know how health anxiety is so hard to live with take care x


I also wish myself luck life has become so dull and energy less falling ill every 2nd day i hope i get fine soon any way to get well?


Hi ya I'm just the same you hun ... also get dizzy day in out shakes ..don't sleep ... thoat awful haed not clear honstly all ancutey xx

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how are you dealing with this?


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