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Help! I’m scared I might have throat cancer

Hello to everyone and Thank You in advance,

I know I have already posted here before but I desperately need help from everyone. For the past 2 month I’ve been having problems or pain swallowing. I can still swallow and eat food and drink but here the thing, I only get this pain when swallowing saliva. It doesn’t really hurt when I swallow food or drinks. Just when I swallow saliva that I can feel this sharp pain at times or a lump in my throat. I have been to my GP and he tells me I’m fine and I have been to an ENT specialist and had a laryngoscopes done and there was no sign of cancer or anything. But I’m constantly freaking about this to the point where I just cry and I feel so confused. I just really need your guys help and I just want to know if it’s my anxiety at play or cancer? I know anxiety can cause some swallowing problems but I just don’t know any more. Please and thank you guys

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Hi Bullet, the fact in that you had this checked out by both a GI doc and ENT I would tend

to lean more towards this being anxiety. We are not doctors but most of us have suffered

through the same symptoms as you. (all boiling down to Anxiety) The fact that you have

no issue in swallowing food or drink is good. Pain when swallowing saliva sounds a lot like you are focusing on this causing this cycle of saliva and pain to reoccur each time.

As for your throat feeling tight or if there is a lump in your throat is a big part of the anxiety disorder. Don't forget that our body is made up of muscles. Muscles that tighten when we

are stressed or worried. If there were something there, the ENT would have seen it.

There was a time when I had the same feeling in my throat. It wasn't caused by saliva but

by chewing gum. I was so nervous that I would chew sticks of gum consequently swallowing large amounts of air along with it. This can happen quite frequently to nervous people.

Even if we aren't eating or chewing on anything, we swallow air which can cause more tightness in the throat. Once we learn to relax and take our focus off our throat, all will settle down. I hope this explanation helps some. You sound like you are a healthy individual with a little bit of health anxiety going on. We're here for you my friend :) xx

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Hello and Thank You so much Agora1,

I understand what you are saying and I really appreciate it. I will honest say that I do have a lot of anxiety or health anxiety. But can I ask you something. Can I have like anxiety symptoms even when I don’t feel anxious or stress. Because I get these throat symptoms even when I try to relax and then that causes me to worry some more. But to be honest again, I’m constantly thinking of my throat symptoms, even when I’m trying to relax. Thanks again and I hope you are doing well

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Hey Bullet, if you take a look at the response I just wrote to ANMGraphicArt, I think

it will answer your concerns. :) xx

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Hello again Agora1,

Thanks you again for this help. I truest really do appreciate it. I know that I am a victim to self diagnosing and google when I know cause me to go down a deep hole. But I am trying

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Never give up trying. As long as you try, you do not stay stuck in a cycle of fear.

One word of advice...Please do not Google lol :) xx

your a mug and have been reported.

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Hello Kenster1,

I can promise you that I am not a scammer. I am just a really anxious and scared guy that just needs all sorts of help. I’m sorry if I have offended you and I hope you have a great rest of your day.

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hi not you it was the user who commented posting a link it was fake.

goodbye SCAMMER

I have suffered with health anxiety for over half my life and have had this exact fear. I still sort of have this fear now so find it a bit difficult to talk about in too much detail. First of all, take comfort in what the doctors have said and the tests you've had. Have you thought about seeking any kind of therapy for your health anxiety?

I'd also recommend looking up, "globus pharyngeus" which may explain some of the sensations you are experiencing - the lump in the throat is a very common anxiety symptom.

When my anxiety about this was at its worst, my constant need to 'swallow' and check my swallowing undeniably made everything worse - once I was able to not focus on it as much, the sensations seemed to go away.

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Hello and good afternoon EleanorRose,

I really and truly appreciate your help. I will try my best. I just hoping and praying that it is nothing serious

Hi, it definitely sounds like anxiety.I’ve never suffered with stress or anxiety until 10 weeks ago when my dad was admitted to icu with covid.

The first symptom’s I had were the upset stomach and the constant tightness of the back of my throat, swallowing was an effort and it felt like I had a golf ball in my throat.

I got calming sprays to spray on my tongue, drank lots of camomile tea and tried to relax and take deep breaths. It definitely helps.

I know the feeling is completely overwhelming but the more you relax, the better you’ll feel.

Go for walks in the fresh air and take long deep breathes while you’re out.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Hello Miltch,

I truly thank you for your response and I am sorry to hear about your father and hope he is doing well.

Globus hystericus sounds the diagnosis, you have to live with

Hello to everyone,

I would first like to say thank you for all your guys support but I just wanted to keep you guys updated. I’m still having problems with my throat but the good news that I am get a ENT appointment next week.

However now I’m scared again. I scared of the “what if’s”.

Now I’m scared of maybe have esophageal cancer or Barrett esophagus.

I’m only 20 yrs old and I’m pretty healthy but I’m just scared now and think of that. I’m just a mess

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