Is my anxiety back or is it something else?

I have been suffering with anxiety since October last year. It's been bad then goes away and I got diagnosed with b12 deficiency and thought that was why. Today I've woke up with a heavy chest.. I feel like I'm about to collapse and has been like this for 2 days now.. I've got a lot on my plate at the minute but I'm just so worried as my best friends dad just passed away from respiratory failure and I'm constantly worrying something like that's going to happen to me. I do smoke as well. Not many a day as I gave up when I found out I had anxiety, but started again after on a night out.. can someone please give me answers or is it another trip to the doctors?!😩


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  • Hi I have shortness of breath feels like my chest is heavy like someone is sitting on it at times. Chest pains everything with me seems to be upper. Also horrible back pains all of these symptoms can go on for days or hours. I'm starting to thing it's something more serious 😟

  • Literally horrible isn't it!! Either way this is absolutely awful!😩

  • Oh yes it definitely is. I was fine most of the day & then bam some chest pains & shortness of breath for no reason. I have to get up and clean or do something to keep busy so it will go away 😟

  • Hope you don't mind me asking, but how old are you? I'm only 18 so this petrifies me!😩

  • I will be 35 on Friday, but up until last year I didn't have a health problem. This all came out of nowhere I'm sorry this is happening to you so young.

  • suggest you join the PAS forum on health unlocked - forum for people who have problems absorbing B12 -

    depending on your treatment it could be symptoms of B12 returning - sorry but need to go to work now

  • Go to the Dr. Get yourself checked out, b12 levels checked. Let the doctor have a listen to your chest, maybe they do an EKG, etc. . . After you get the all clear and have some reassurance, then at least you will know it is the anxiety you are working with. Your Dr. if they know you and your past anxiety issues well should be understanding. Smoking can set off anxiety, same thing happened to me years ago when I started smoking again. About three months after starting smoking my anxiety was back strong as ever. . . Hope you feel better soon.

  • Think I'm gonna have to give up smoking again if I'm being honest! Thank you though!!:)

  • My anxiety causes my chest to feel exactly like you described. I freak out panic I am having a heart attack or MUCH WORSE then once I distract myself that feeling just disappears. Im sure in your cause it may be your anxiety causing this for you. You seem to have alot going on and I can tell you if I read something, or I see someone suffering from something I immediately begin to suffer from the exact same things...I hope you get answers soon!!!

  • Aw thank you!! It's so reassuring when I see other people know what I'm going through! Thank you! Just pains by my ribs and by my breast bone and back!! Especially after I eat. Literally destroying me but doctors just say anxiety. I just want to be normal again!!

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