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weird anxiety symptoms or something else?

I have been experiencing an off and on feelings of a weakness feeling in my stomach, its not like an anxious butterflies feeling its more like a shutting down feeling really weak, and my breathing feels really shallow and weak.. again it doesn't feel like I have to put effort in to breathe its just very strange and uncomfortable and makes me worry a lot which leads to a lot of anxiety, does anybody else get this feeling? also ive been getting

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Yes ive been having the same trouble breathing nd i wake up like a million times at night my body feels weak nd my rib hurts

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I thought i was the only one with this. My rib has been hurting since last week and idk why its like a Bruise feelings when i touch it and when i breathe it feels so uncomfortable :( hope you get better


I have a weak feeling in my tummy the best I can describe it is when you have a bruise and someone touches but not actually touching my tummy I get the odd sharp pain too, I have had anxiety since August when I left my husband of 20 years, I also have neck and shoulders trouble which doctor says is anxiety, IBS and recently sciatica, all of these have something to do with my tummy so the doctors say, sciatica cos the nerve goes behind your pelvis, IBS cos of the spasms and anxiety due to stress and muscle stiffness. I am really fed up with all of it,


Feel you on that my neck and shoulder feels like a tired hurting feeling and i just take a xanax it goes away but the doctor really aint trying to give me any more until i go to a physcatrist diagnosed


Ive felt this like a million and still counting. I get very weak literally and it makes my body feel like ots shutting down yet iam still walking and pacing back and forth around the house its crazy how anxiety can affect you so much.


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