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Worry when I care too much

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I bring so much upon myself. I wish I would go with the flow more. I’m trying but I care too much and when I care I tend to obsess over things like a friend who is troubled or about buying and setting up a computer needed for school. It’s almost like I prepare myself for the worst but things typically go better than what I think up. My blood pressure is high. I get anxious of just about everything and I’m so sick of it! Just needed to share today. I’ve had enough time being stuck in my head. I’ll look for ways to get out of my head today, but even in doing so, I feel pressure to do that right so I’ll be nervous about it and likely fail. That’s just how it is right now.

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Hi I totally understand how you feel. I’m the same way and it sucks.

It’s a rare thing to care for so much

We need more people who do that.

You have to try and control how much you feel or else you’re going to burnout emotionally.

It happened to me

Hi Daniellesparkles!

I’m trying to turn it off like do activities to to engage in but so far even while I’m doing my mind is trained to switch over to my anxieties i guess just incase. I’ve been meditating to stay in the present moment so maybe that will start making a difference some day. It helped in past when I spent an hour on it a week and now I do a little bit each day.

How did you control it? Or you still go through it?

I notice that I’m more calm when I take out time for me, like making sure I’m healthy then I can reach out and help others.

It’s a bit hard sometimes but it’s not impossible and it won’t get better overnight

Try some self care

Relax try something new like tea?

Peppermint tea works for me

Thanks I’m having tea right now. I find deep breathing can help too. You are right, not impossible.

Hello :-)

Sending hugs even though not much help today :-)

Take Care x

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Hi my friend. 😊 I appreciate you. You work on feeling better okay?

Very best to you

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Thank you and you to , hopefully we will be chatting away soon both feeling better :-) x

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That’s a beautiful thought! I really hope so!

Yes, I will but I’m not so sure I’m supposed to get better... so it seems... I’m so tired of suffering. Unsure I can keep going on this way. I had to cut one of my meds today.

Thank you, I will.

Hi Star! Love ya! Did you know theres an addiction out there that no one knows about. According Eckhartd tolle a spiritual teacher he says people can be addicted to thinking. Yes thinking. When we overanalyze it is an addiction to connecting thoughts one after the other. How can one stop thinking? It's possible. Science shows us that emotions and thoughts and therefore behaviors can be controlled. Next time your want to connect the dots so to speak dont allow it. Be aware. Stop the thought. Think in the present. Then change to subject that makes you feel happier. Train your brain. It's possible!

Yep. Neuroscience

I just did. I do believe we can retrain our brains. Just difficult at times. Thank you so much! ❤️

It's work like anything else. It's simple but not easy. Good work❤


When it's difficult that just means your emotions have taken over even more than usual. So close your eyes take 3 breaths in and out open your eyes and you'll notice a difference in your thoughts. If not tale 3 breaths again until your thoughts have calmed then do the above exercise. By breathing you are calming your brain therefore calming your mind so to redirect it.

Thank you my friend. How are you doing?

I’m so glad. What’s your secret? I want so badly to be doing well also.

That is beautiful. 😊 keep doing all of that.

I did. Helps for now. I sang The Cure- Friday I’m In Love

I love that song! lol wheres sillysausage he needs to post this song😄😄

It’s so happy, right?! 😉

The reason that works is bc once you take action and do things that changes your mood. For example those actions bring upon laughs and happiness-hormones kick in and make u feel good. Once that happens your emotions shift to positive emotions which leads to positive thoughts and a more calming mind bc you are more relaxed. Hormones relax u too. All neuroscience.

I feel for you my friend ❤️ sending you SO much love your way!! I hope things get better for you. I really do. It's hard to stay positive, but try to take hold of the little moments that are precious. 🙂

Yes. I will do that, thanks so much my friend. I had a moment where I felt okay so I’m trying to stay but it seems I can’t ...I feel scared.

I just realized I think I messed up my meds this morning and my sleep is so off... so at least there’s a reason. That makes me feel better knowing that. Just got to get back on track. But it’s scary to think a med change can make me feel that way. It’s times like these I wish I had more faith and hope. ❤️

Meds will def do that. Keep your head up ❤️ tomorrow is a new day. Hey, each minute is new... So there's always time to try n perk up.

Awwww 🥰 I really needed that! I love your words! Thank you so!!!

❤️🤗 much luv!!!

I am realizing the fear is not a big deal if I act like it’s not.

Exactly. The mind plays tricks


Np i love neuroscience.

Im a Life Coach.

What I described all makes sense right?

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