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Worrying too much, help?

Last night I was feeling bit calm without anxiety but started again when I felt something dull gentle pain on my right side of head behind the ears to neck and got me thinking what if brain tumour? So I try ignore and drank 2 glass of red wine and seem but calm but not for long then went to bed, still feel the gentle dull pain through the night (not painful) its like I feel something there- poking comes and goes on same area...Woke up this morning its okay but now it comes back with bit hurt neck? Could it be nerves trap? I had this gentle dull pain for about 3-4 weeks and been see gp many times, they reassured me its not brain tumour, said its tension on the right side of head and I had eye tests about a month ago and says everything is fine by look behind my eyes. Haven't take any paracometel tablets for it.

Can anxiety cause it? Xx

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Anyone? X


Anxiety can cause all kinds of aches and pains, you shouldn't always ignore such things but if you've seen your doctor for it previously then there times you just have to put a little faith in their professional judgment. Given as we become so tense and fraught with anxious thoughts it's little wonder that we suffer so many pains, even when we think we are relaxed chances are we are not that relaxed. Next time you feel relaxed scan your body see how tense certain things are like your shoulders, hands, feet, neck you may be surprised to notice they are rigid. I have a habit of leaning to one side which puts a lot of strain on the neck area yet I think I'm sat comfortably. Easier said than done I know but try not to worry too much.


Hi. min. Now don't go looking this up but I think you will find that the symptoms of a brain tumour are a bit different to what you have!!! Why can' t you believe them, min? They are trained medics who have spent many years in study. Do you really think they would miss something like that. Of course not! With anxiety all the muscles, especially those in the neck, go into spasm and tighten up. This, in turn, causes other associated muscles to do the same like a chain reaction. Old sayings are sometimes very appropriate. "It's a pain in the neck" or a "He or she is a pain in the backside". When things get us down the pains start according to our reaction to the event, hence the former quotes. "You do my head in", is another one. Is it any wonder you feel as you do. Why haven't you taken paracetamol? Taken according to the directions they are harmless and can relieve pain. I don't hesitate to take them when necessary. Why suffer when help is at hand. Try not to be too upset by your, so called, symptoms. They're just the frighteners put on us by this rotten complaint. Best wishes. jonathan.


I know I should trust them but I got health anxiety and easy worry over small things. I know doctors can't lie and they promised me that I don't have brain tumour but in my head it make me think what if etc and I have just took ipbouren 200mg as before I didn't take because thought pain killers tablet can cause headache more that's why I avoided it!

When I'm relax and I can feel dull low pain on same area on right head, could it be do with neck tension cause it? If its not neck then what?

Reassure me its not brain tumour?



Ok thanks! Will try stay calm and will believe you all, family & doctor! Xx


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