Got up this morning and knew it was rearing its ugly head i have been doing so well until today i started off with the shakes and light headedness then my heart is fluttering away again and dont want to get myself worked up and in hospital again and am trying to tell myself it is just my anxiety playing its stupid tricks but i hate feeling this way i also noticed this morning that i feel like i have indigestion constantly and cant stop burping its burning in my chest and although i have had this all week its bothering me today and doesnt seem to be going why oh why do we let it get to us this way feeling under the weather today sorry guys :( xxxxxxxx


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  • Tell me about it feels like there is no way of convincing our self that its just anxiety even though we know it is and it just gets so confusing. I have been doing well this week until today with my symptoms playing with me and putting me on edge. Every time I'm through my panic attacks i say to my self that's it I'm still here I'm alive and breathing next time I'm gonna tell myself it's just anxiety and I will fight it but guess what the next attack made me feel like I was actually dying lol its just so confusing to understand. Just keep up the fight and I hop we all find peace cause we deserve it for what we are going through. Xx

  • Ah thanks hun and i know why do we give in to it so easy its the feeling of not being yourself and yes we know how it makes us feel but when it comes we give into the bloody thing and it so washes us out if only there was a miracle cure to just take it away straight away with out all this not needed suffering i have been so happy all week and then out of the blue its back thanks hun hope you ok xxxx

  • hi, had a rough day myself which all kicked off this morning. it made me feel so low i had to force myself to get washed and dressed and was quite tearful. i have terrible indigestion with losts or burping and dare it say it farting.....some days i feel like i should be on a building site. the more i let it get to me the more it happens. lets hope tommorrow is bettter for all of us. xxx

  • Hi Sam

    You sound like just like me, my stomach is all over the place and the other little problem is rather embarrassing. Hang in there, feeling pretty low myself after a few day of anxiety, forced myself to have shower and wash hair, didn't want to but atleast it's done now. Take Care Caroline

  • Ah thanks sam i know all this week i have been burping and i have never suffered with indejestion so wasnt sure what it was and then my anxiety come on this morning felt shaky and lightheaded again yet i have had a really good week and hopefully tomorrow will bring a better day and hopefully some better weather and help us feel better so sick of feeling down thanks hun:) xxxx

  • Dear Sheffieldwed,

    I am sorry to read that you are having a bad or tough or rough day. I hope that you feel better very soon.

    Warmest regards,


  • ((((((((((((((((((((((Sheffield )))))))))))))))))))))


  • Thanks hun big hugs to you XxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)

  • yes its horrible when it goes away for days,and then comes back,I usually have nausea and no energy,or interest in dolling myself up,all I want is to be left alone,I don't even want to eat...then it goes again,and I want to go shopping and socialise,this can all happen overnight,a complete turn around..god help us all,who has to live with this...when its gone we can think logically,but when it comes back all logic goes out the

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