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I'm free!! You can be too!!

I haven't been on here for the last couple months but that's because I've been focusing on getting to a happy life. The only solution I could really think of to getting out of social anxiety is to take action. Why on earth did I sit around all these years waiting for it to just *poof* disappear? I figured out that I couldn't rely on countless amounts of doctors and people telling me to, "stay strong!" to get the anxiety to go away. I realised that its all in your head! All of those thoughts are no one else's but my own so I had to reverse them. All of this came along by watching just a normal teenage girls talking about her happiness on youtube. After that video I just woke up! It was I had been spending my childhood in a dream, well, a nightmare. And finally I had woken up to my perfect reality. All I've done is three things: think happy things, not care about what people think of me and to take action on what I want in order to get it. These are all equally important. Also I've realised that there are 7 billion people on the planet, 7 billion different personalities and memories to make and all I was doing is staying at home feeling sorry for myself! I just wanted to make a quick post to remind all of you that it's gonna take a lot of confidence and hard work but in a months time you could have everything you want in life and be the most content person in the world! So take a chance, change your life right now, right here. It's up to you, the choice is yours, nobody else's!


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Thank you Millyr , for your Post, I am so pleased you are on the other side now, I wish you all the best for the future. :) You are right, its very hard, but do have to put the leg work in if and when you can. :) and change thought pattern to I can instead of I cant.




thank you milly - good read :)


Lovely positive post :-)





Love this most xxx


Thank you, I'm so glad!




A happy ending! Hopefully we all find ours on here :) good luck! S xx


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