Anyone worry to much

What happens to me these past few months I worry about a specific thing and I have been constantly worrying that I have something wrong with my eyes I keep worrying and overt thinking I may go blind I don't wear glasses etc and I went to opticians not so long and she said thst my eyes are fine... I always see them eye floaters and light spots but I don't know if I'm overthinking I'm stuck on that ik having retinal detachment and I want to go to another opticians because I'm so worried.. I'm always tired 24/7 Itd not the only thing sometimes I feel like a can't swallow so I constantly try to make myself swallow and if I cant I will get some fright and my heart starts to beat really fast having this is destroying my life i can't seem to enjoy life even if I start to enjoy something I always start worrying about bad things... I always think about dying and sometimes my muscles are aching... Has anyone went through this how can I get rid of it it's destroying me am only 20 and have a 3 year old son. I want to enjoy it and stop worrying.... Sometimes I even think so much about talking or what to say I just feel like I can't it's crazy 😢😢


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  • It is a pattern. With anxiety you can convince yourself you have anything. I have told myself I have a brain tumor, cancer, heart disease, you name it.......each doctors appointment I go to I am fine all test results good and normal. you have to change your thinking. I am on meds and feel much better. I hope this helps.

  • Thank you I was given anti depressants but took for 2 days and hated the side effects I think I also exaggerated a bit with them because I read all the possible side effects. I'm getting the therapy have u had this? X

  • I have had anxiety since my mum passed away and I see floaters sometimes I don't and some days ther everywer I look especially if it's sunny but if you worry about them then u trigger other symptoms of anxiety I am 22 and am just learning to control it after haveing it for 5 years

  • Thanks yeah I do get alot of the symptoms of anxiety and its just hard for me to enjoy my life. I do try not to worry wish I could switch my brain off sometimes x

  • Research indicates that one of the best ways to deal with anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy to break the worry cycle. I think this would help you.

  • Thank-you I'm actually getting this so I hope this helps me! X

  • Hi Alison,

    Try not to panic! take a deep breath and smile.

    I have bilaretal vitreous detachment with increasing floaters so i know exactly how that feels. They initially thought i had retina detachment but luckily i dont! If the opticians have said you are fine then most likely, you are fine!

    They are the people who first diagnosed my condition which is congenital (born with it)

    If you are still in doubt then you can attend Moorfields A and E department and they can have a further look. They are the eye specialists, i now attend regular appointments there, and if there is anything wrong with your eyes that is the place to be!!

    Hope this is helpful - try not to stress.


  • Thanks alot. I think I'm over worrying the situation I just think to much and need help with that.. I'm getting some cognitive behavioral therapy so I'm hoping this works for me x

  • Ye it's scary it's worse when am trying sleep and it's dark you see all sorts of shapes and colours well I do I always think av got a tumor it's scary especially wen ther blue lol x

  • Yeah that's like me lol I honestly never realised anyone experienced this aswell... I tell myself I'm gonna go blind then I get that rush of panic and it honestly feels like a will go blind but it's all in my head just need a new brain lol to stop it all.. X

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