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Please help me!!

Ive barely eaten anything in 2 months im losing weight...i have tremors...j feel sick and nervous everyday....i just wanna be okay....went yo ER last night they told me my blood test were normal....but im convinced i have something bad going on with me!! I had severe back pain and my whole leg went to sleep out of no more...this has gotta be something more then anxiety im only 22 i just wanna be okay 😭😭😭

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O sweetheart if you are not eating you will be feeling all these things I am surprised you can still stand up , you will be lacking in energy and vitamins

Is it your anxiety causing you not to eat ?

You need to really try even if it is little but often this would alone make you feel so much better in yourself to deal with the anxiety

Now you have had the all clear with the rest of your health has anyone noticed the weight you are loosing , this needs addressing and you need some support , please speak to your Doctor about this and let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x

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Yes I agree, anxiety is worse when your not eating properly and that affects your sleep too . and the two are important trying to control your anxiety try eating little and often and try cut out as much sugar by eating sensibly . good luck xx


If you have had a complete physical and tests showed you were healthy you are fine. The doctors have no reason to lie to you about your health. They would tell you if something was wrong. You are making yourself feel worse by having such negative thoughts. You are too young to not enjoy life. You definitely have to eat if you want to have a healthy body and mind. Eat small healthy meals through out the day. You will definitely start to feel better. You also need to exercise, drink water and get good night's sleep. If you are physically run down, you will feel lots of anxiety. Get active, go out with friends, enjoy the company of your family. Being around positive people will help you to be more positive. Please take care of yourself. It is up to you if you want to feel better

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Hypoglycaemia, or low blood sugar mimics anxiety symtoms. I have it, and yes I too have lost far too much weight because once it hits you, all you want to do is lie down. Eating is the last thing you want to do, but in point of fact, this is EXACTLY what you need to do. Please research Hypoglycaemia and low GI food that keep it under control. In addition, make an appointment to see a dietician at your local hospital to help you formulate a healthy eating plan. I'm guessing you will be advised to eat 5 small meals a day.

The fact that you're losing weight is adding to your anxiety. Get yourself a powdered supplement. I used to use Sustagen. Available from pharmacies and preferably the one that hospitals use. You can mix it with water or milk. Pop in some blended fruits and yoghurt and make yourself a smoothie to drink as often as you need to per day. At least that way you'll be getting some nutrients into your body. You'll soon feel and look better. Remember: you still need to eat solids. Preferably something light that won't make you ill.

Please try to unconvince yourself that something else is wrong because your thoughts are actually contributing strongly to your current negative state of mental and physical well-being. Also, many folks with stress/anxiety, particularly the long-term type, discover back pain, or shoulder pain, or neck pain. Jaw pain even and that's because they've been tensing those muscles most of the time unknowingly for far too long because they're totally focussed on their various symptoms without giving their minds a rest. As a result, VERY tight muscles. Rest your mind and your body will soon follow. Use heat packs, hot baths, massage, general pain killers, but only for a short while. You need to ascertain when the pain begins and what you're doing/thinking prior to onset. You also need to know what relieves it, so EASY with the med if you decide to use them.

In terms of your leg. Do you mean a feeling of numbness? This could be connected to your back pain. Not sure. I have chronic back pain due to a herniated disc. I also have severe sciatica. If I don't control my anxiety levels, then my physical pain is far, far worse. Talk with your GP about this and don't be fobbed off. Get the numbness investigated and put your mind at ease.

So then, you need a dietician re healthy eating of small portions of low GI foods. Stay away especially from sugars, caffeine. Make yourself healthy smoothies.

Start treating your back and note when the pain is at its worst. Keep a diary so you can remember what you were doing thinking (if anything), when the pain started, what you did to treat it, and what the end result was. You may need to show this to your Dr. In any case, you'll need to see a GP re the numbness. It could be something ... Or nothing.

Don't over-think your problems, hard not to do believe me I know. Just make a list of the things you need to do, and do them WITHOUT stressing or getting anxious. Slow and steady, ok? One problem /issue at a time.

Chin up darlin'. Keep posting whenever you need to ok!?

Best wishes.


Hi promise , i have been there , so many times , but I took a turn with overactive thyroid made me alter my life a littLe ,,now I can't wait yo get in from work bath pj's on see my littke boy shut the door close off the world make a lovely tasty tea whatever I fancy don't deny yourself anything we sometimes need to comfort & nurture ourselves to fill our glass o uses to run on empty o think that played havoc with my thyroid o an a natural worrier, please the reigns deep breath start thinking of yourself get your bloods checked have pj's days watch disney all day I had to in order to slow down I was rake thin my body went without so many nutrients too long , I enjoy getting up now making myself a breakfast no matter how busy if have to rush out grab a banana good for nervous system, I have yo tell myself off to keep in check not over doing it x binkynoo you will get there never far if want to chat x


Oh dear , your so young to be struggling like this! What your dealing with is.. Anxiety , you don't eat cause your not hungry. Your not hungry cause your anxious,,, it's that cycle of fear , it's old fashioned but please get the book Dr Clair weeks self help for nerves ( Amazon , eBay ) reply if you need a shoulder !


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