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Weird sensation in diaphragm


Has anyone else had this symptom?

For the last year, I’ll randomly get this weird flutter sensation right under my rib cage where my diaphragm is(the soft spot about your abs). It last 2-3 seconds, takes my breath away and kinda sends a tingling sensation to my whole body.

I’m terrified it’s my heart but I don’t feel it in my heart.

But then it’s over, breathing is fine. Sometimes it’ll happen 6-7 times in a day it doesn’t happen again for a week or month..🤦🏼‍♀️

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Hi Anxiousmama30, it's always best to run this by your doctor in ruling

out any medical issue. It can and does sound a lot like the butterfly feeling

we can get up in the solar plexus and diaphragm region. If it is anxiety once

it presents with that feeling and you get scared then there is a rush of adrenaline

throughout your body giving you that tingling sensation. It can take your breath

away for a moment because with fear we either hold our breath or shallow breathe

making us feel breathless.

We are not doctors on this forum but can only relay our own experiences with

anxiety. Please check with your doctor and update us. We care. :) xx

Anxiousmama30 in reply to Agora1

Thank you. I’ve been to the ER several times in the last year and had EKG and bloodwork and nothing came back abnormal.

Agora1 in reply to Anxiousmama30

Anxiousmama, then I would say it's more likely to be "free floating anxiety"

symptoms. Which peak and subside but never really go away. I have learned

that deep breathing can actually control those feelings as well as eventually

lower the incidence of it happening at all. Takes practice every day and not

just when you are experiencing an event.

I use YouTube as my "go to" I have gotten a lot of help from

watching "Sympathetic Breathing Meditation" by the Quiet Mind Café.

Find what works best for you, practice doing it and I think you will see that

you start noticing a difference. xx

Is it like a vibrating sensation just underneath your heart?

No in the solar plexus region

Yes, I had this on the right side years ago quite regularly in the region you speak of. It seemed to occur while lying down.

I was afraid I had a aneurysm like my grandfather. An MRI was negative (all I had wanted was a simple ultrasound). The cause was never identified & I am no longer aware of it any more. I actually forgot about it until I read your post. I don’t recall having any tingling sensation from it though, but I wondered like you if it was being referred from elsewhere like the heart.

Interesting. I didn’t know you could have an aneurysm there :) glad it went away for you.

My grandfather had aneurysms everywhere according to his death certificate. Digging up family genealogy can be a double edged sword ...

Hi the same. Nothing to worry about I'm sure. It's been happening to me for ages. And I was diagnosed with a hernia I lt 2 cm. And put on acid reflux tablets for short time then u decided to conr off them. Now I just live with the flutter. Please don't worry it's nothing major.

Harveyjnr in reply to Harveyjnr

Do speak to doc thou. I found I was really breathless and this was the cause. Hiatias hernia. Common. Problem.

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