Burning sensation

Hi everyone my anxiety is now at it again this sensation is new to me first the back of my hands i felt shooting pain that would come and go the pain was bad this would happen to my left hand only i used some arthritis cream for the pain and went to sleep now im woken up by burning hand the same back of my hand and also top os my hand by my elbow does anyone else ever experience this this is all very new to me. My anxiety is now triggered off because of course i am worrying. Help me.


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8 Replies

  • I get the burning sensation thru my whole body during an anxiety attack and it sucks!

  • Wow anxiety cause the burning sensation. Its a horrible feeling.

  • maybe carpel tunnel syndrome? go to your GP/ may be arthritis related/ but nothing to panick about, im sure.

  • It surely had me in a panic ill mention it for sure.

  • Hi, I get burning sensations in a few different places from my anxiety. 😕 Head, leg, arm. All been diagnosed anxiety related. 😫

  • It seems like this burning sensation is very common with anxiety it drove me crazy lastnight and had me in a panic

  • There are SOOOO many weird symptoms associated with anxiety. And hard to believe, our minds also contribute more than we realize...at times.

  • I do agree i went on a website and it listed over 100 symptomsbof anxiety i was in shock and our minds do play a big part in this.

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