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REALLY weird chest sensation!

Holy sh*t did this morning turn bad quickly! Like, wow...

I spent about half an hour writing a really elaborate detailed post on this and then went to upload it and my interbet cut out and the site crashed, so you're getting the considerably shorter version!

Got a friend staying over for a couple days at the minute to practise for a gig we've got coming up (and probably drink a considerable amount of beer and/ or wine ;L) Had an absolutely splendid night last night with her and my Mum having a drink and a laugh! Woke up at about 8 this morning slightly hungover and with that wonderful post-alcohol racing heart, but that soon passed and I was feeling great!

Went downstairs to have some toast and a cup of tea when out of no where I had this horrendous sensation in my chest right up to the base of my neck! It's REALLY hard to describe but it kind of felt like something had grabbed my heart and surrounding area and pulled it down really hard?! Or like someone had put a large syringe into my chest and temporarily pulled all the air out! Absolutely terrifying... There was no pain at all anywhere, just very uncomfortable, and made me jump and gasp.

It's hard to tell wether or not it caused any other symptoms (shortness of breath, diziness etc.) as I almost instantly went into full red alert mode. Got up from the table and went and sat in the bathroom, where the thing happened probably another 20 times, before the inevitable panic set in. 30 minutes later I came out feeling like I'd been in a plane crash. Unbelievably dizzy and lightheaded, shallow breathing and shaking like a leaf, so I decided to have a sleep. Woke up a couple hours ago and I don't feel too bad now, just very shaky, a bit dizzy and run-down...

I've had countless heart palps, flutters and skipped beats over the duration of anxiety so far, but NOTHING ever quite like this, ESPECIALLY not whilst completely calm and in a very good mood (which is now unfortunately no longer the case πŸ˜‘). I just can't see how this could be anxiety related when IT'S what caused the panic, and I was utterly fine at the time?! The only thing I can think of other than a heart issue is something oesophagus related. I've had lots of anxiety over the last few weeks and lots of acid reflux which I dunno, may have caused some damage or something? It happened very shortly after I basically ate an entire slice of toast in one go (and also chugged a glass of lemonade), so maybe that had something to do with it? I'm really at a loss... If anyone has ever had this sh*t and/ ir knows what the hell it is PLEASE let me know 'cause I'm really worried and can't see a doctor for 2 days 😩 Cheers! x

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Hi Cherry_mvff...Breathe my friend, you are going to be okay. A combination of a couple things. First the alcohol last night can give unbelievable anxiety the next day as well as being dehydrated from the alcohol. Make sure you drink lots of water today to flush out your system.

Second, the slice of toast you wolfed down followed by a glass of lemonade most likely caused the irritation to your esophagus. Toast is rough and lemonade is acidic.

This will all go away, it is nothing life threatening. Allow the negative thoughts to leave your mind. Don't let the Anxiety Bully beat you up on this one. Allow some down time today, hydrate and eat something later chewing slowly and nothing acidic. You are okay. Breathe, this too will pass. :)


Your body is reacting to stress hormones being at a high level. Toast & lemonade would not hurt you at all, however, when I eat, I get more heart flutters in general. For some reason they often come during or after meals. Alcohol must make it worse, not the 1st time I've heard an anxious person having symptoms after a night of drinking, but your heart symptoms sound pretty typical. Skipped beats or palpitations and racing heart are all common with anxiety. I have experienced all and exactly what you are describing. It scared the crap out of me too, but my doctor almost laughed about it. You're probably wasting your time even going to the doctor other than for peace of mind. My advice is work on your anxiety, and don't think about your heart. Let it do whatever. That's what I'm trying to do as well.


Hi again Cherry_Mvff, how are you doing today?? Things settle down some ?

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Sorry Agora1 and Usagold, massive thankyou for your responses! 😎 We had family over yesterday and I didn't get time to reply but reading them made me feel loads better! It's always rather hilarious to me looking back at one of these posts a couple days later thinking "what the actual f*** was I on about?!" ;L

It's SO DAMN obvious to me when I'm feeling level headed that it's all long-term stress (as y'know, I've had it non-stop for like 20 months now...) yet almost IMPOSSIBLE while it's happening 'cause it's so unbelievably overwhelming! It's amazing to me that after such a long time of these symptoms constantly happening but never actually doing any "real" harm that my mind can still be so utterly terrified of them?! STILL refuse to let it get me down though. Not happening. It sucks that I'm so limited in what I can do day-to-day at the monent (as I mentioned, I'm having a particularly rough time πŸ˜‘) but I know it'll pass and I still manage to party on when things aren't too intense πŸ˜‰

I'm (after 4 months of waiting) starting some new therapies and a diet plan at the end of this month which I'm REALLY hoping will help get rid of this sh*t for good! Got lots of ace opportunities coming up in the next few months and I'm utterly determined to not be held back anymore by an illness that isn't even real πŸ˜‰

I think the chances are what I felt a couple days ago was just the usual horrible heart sensations, which had been amplified buy the rather excessive alcohol consumption the night before, which as I know can really mess with mental health for the following few days! That being said, I'm never going to quit alcohol completely 'cause I bloody well like it and I know I have the self control necessary to be sensible(ish) with it! Sure I suffer the consequences after but hell it's worth it for the good times! Besides, it's basically impossible to grow up in Cornwall and not have ale as a staple part of your diet ;L

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now as you can probably tell by the novel I've just written... Felt pretty damn good yesterday as well 😊 Had a bit of an off-moment earlier but a quick lie down and some actual proper breaths sorted that out! Off to my Nan's in a bit for a meal AND my birthday's in 4 days so good ol' Mr. Anxiety will have to find something else to do this week ;L

Thanks again for your continued support! 🀘🏻 x

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You made me laugh.. Isn't it amazing to read back on a post and wonder what was going on that day?? Been there... You have a good attitude. Life is for enjoying, just know the consequences and live.. :)

If I don't see you on the forum in the next several days, Have a terrific birthday.

Afterall, it's your special day, ENJOY IT


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