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Falling asleep sensation in limbs

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I have health anxiety, and overall general anxiety. The last week or so I all of a sudden have this weird sensation in my arm/hand and leg/foot sometimes on my left...it feels like a falling asleep sensation, like when your limb is coming out of being asleep. It's not necessarily painful, it's just that weird feeling and it gets worse as I think about it. It seems to not be noticeable when I'm doing something else but as soon as I think of it again, there it is. I dont know what it is and I'm wondering if it's a symptom of anxiety and if anyone else has experienced this?

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I get that too and it's very annoying, but I try to ignore it. It can be a couple of toes, part of my foot, an arm, pretty much anywhere. It's just anxiety because as you stated, it's there then it's not and even thinking about it can cause it sometimes.

Yes, I have read that it is a symptom of anxiety. I can literally call up the feeling in whatever extremety I choose and it will appear within seconds. Try it. It's crazy.... Having said that, a physician once told me that ANY sympton can be caused by anxiety but I do believe the pins and needles/tingly sensation is one of the more common ones. I hope this makes you feel a bit better!

Omg ive been dealing with this for weeks my left foot just starts going numb then near my ankle feels like ive got that tickly feeling like its waking up after being dead ive also been getting it on my arm and hand im freaking out about it coz after reading doctor google im pretty sure i have ms or some other serioys illness im scared to death.im realy working up the courage to call the doctors first thing monday morning but im petrified x

I too get this only in my case it's Parkinson's I feel most likely!

Omg thats made me even more anxious im so scared i dont know what to do


I cant im terrified im so scared to go doctors i realy dont know how to cope with this

Does this sound like what you have been getting x

My symptom is weird because it doesn't feel like tingly per say or even numb, it literally feels like for example your foot falls asleep and when it starts to wake up yes you get the tingly feeling but also the weird painful sensation in your muscle maybe, but not at the height of that feeling when its almost done waking up, so it's not "pain" but it's that feeling just not as intense. I dont seem to feel it at night in bed or in the morning waking up but once I get out of bed to start the day there it is! Idk if it's because I'm thinking and dwelling on it before I even get up or if it's really something...idk I just wish it would stop and I knew 100% it was anxiety!

Yh i dont realy have pain just an uncomfortable feeling i dont feel mine at night but once ive woke up its there like now im at work n i can feel my foot and leg just feels so wierd its realy freaking me out all im thinking about now is what the hell is wrong with me cant just be anxiety if it keeps happening through out the day surely then someone commented earlier on our post n said he gets that but his is parkinsons desease thats just notched up my anxiety even more ffs i just want it to go away.does yours happen lots through out the day

Believe me I get"freaked out" too. I'm sorry if I unwittingly made your anxiety worse by mentioning Parkinson's....I am anxious by nature (and have a vivid imagination to boot. I really meant it when I advised in my next reply "CHILL" whatever floats your boat to settle you and don't feel guilty about it Just realise if you can be imaginative to think the worst you can also use that strong imagination you can also think the best!!!Go on you can do it! (I've been there) many times!!!

Lol thank you x

Good wishes and hope you sleep well tonight (and every night!) with lots of pleasant dreams.

p.s. I wish this for myself also

You to thank you for your kind words enjoy the rest of your evening

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