Head/eye/weird sensations???

Please guys I need some reassurance that what I'm feeling is anxiety/stress/depression. I feel spaced out...dodgy vision....on/off headaches/pressuee. On/off plugged ears....pain behind the eyes. Sometimes I feel dizzy...hot...faint...like im falling..spinning. or like my body is heavy and i have no control any more.I've had eyes checked...bloods etc...I've seen afew Dr's and are all saying anxiety. I've been referred for CBT and have been taking cialtropram (how ever u spell it) for nearly three weeks. No change yet xx


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  • Yep its anxiety that's how I feel and my symptoms come and go and change alot to. I was on citalopram to I took it for about 6 months didn't see much of a change. My doctor wants me to try wellburtin not sure if spelling is correct but I'm on edge about it. I of course read side effects and #1 is seizure so not sure if I want to try it. I'm not much of a pill person anyway I want to try to control it on my own.

    Good luck to you hope you get feeling better. But know that your not alone.

  • I feel the exact way everything u said plus more. I hope it gets better for u. How long have u been dealing with this? Mine started in May. I still don't know how to fully cope with it but I know it's anxiety. It sucks. I really hope u learn to cope with it. Sometimes I can Tell myself I'm fine other times I'm running to the er.

  • Hi Megs ..sorry to heae you arw going through this it's bloody awful. It all started for me 7 weeks ago tomorrow....I woke up in the middle of the night my arm was dead which

    Sent me into my first anxiety attack...I've always been an anxious person and always fear the worse. Ever since I've only had two attacks but I've felt terrible ever since. Lots off different physical symptoms but the Derealisation...spacey feeling....detached....poor visio...on/off headaches...head and ear pressure have stayed. I feel off balance like I'm not walking straight even though I am....can you recognise any of this hun xx

  • Hi i can relate to what you say rioary!

  • Im feeling these exact things!! Dizzy, like im falling all of a sudden, gonna pass out, head rushes and vision issues. Asked my doctor and she said it was anxiety. Pretty much im making myself sick? Who knew the brain could be so powerful. I never know when its going to come so its difficult for me to work or doing anything a normal person would do. Idk how to make these symptoms stop but its really scary and uncomfortable. Ive had anxiety for over ten years now anf each week i feel i get a new symptom or side effect from it. Im so sick of it, i never know if im really sick or not and nobody believes me. I havr troubles staying at work, how do you guys get through your work days? if anybody figur ed something out please post about it!

  • That's exactly how I feel, Iv had it for like 20 years, it controls your life, it's hard to be in a job, everytime I learn to deal with something , a new symptom or pain starts, I honestly don't get it, I hate it, and it's extremely hard to explain it to anyone unless there going through it, Iv only posted now as I'm actually going through an anxiety attack, I'm always kinda scared , it sucks :-(

  • Also cbt classes i have taken in the past do help a bit. You will do a few exercises that can become good habits. Also good to talk with people exactly like you.

  • Do you ever have it when you are looking at a picture on something about it just bugs.one of your eyes? Like it cant understand it for a moment?

  • I got scared ,i was at the Till paying for something when i turned my head and my head went spinny for few seconds felt i needed to hang on in case i fell! have had it before not often ,but it set my panic off and just wanted to get home , in past gp said could be my cerv spondolisis in neck or my ears ? anyone else felt like this

  • Hi

    I often get the same sensations. It's a bit too often though and when i go away from home it's a lot worse

  • i have been suffering from the same for more than 10 years now and finally found something that relieved weird symptoms fast...eating tomatoes...i think there is something in tomatoes that affects the brain very positively (unless you're allergic for tomatoes)....please let me know if it helps...jerryv@casema.nl

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