my vision is really weird help!!!

everyday all the time i get like really weird vision its hard to explain its just really weird and i don't feel real or normal cause of it i've had a mri on my head they said its fine ive had a eye exam they said my eyes are perfect ive had a ekg my heart is fine they said i dont know what it is ive been diagnosed with extreme anxiety and high blood pressure i take meds for it but i feel like nothing is helping my eye sight is really weird does anyone else feel like this please help?????


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  • I have those thoughts too about my vision. What have you noticed with yours. I know you say it's hard to explain

  • what do you mean

    do you feel the same way?

  • ive notice that irs hard to do anything with the way my eyes are

  • Well like I hAve worries about my vision too. Blurred vision sometimes, sometimes feel like I'm in a dream (snowy vision or like cloudy) like you say still kinda hard to explain. Then I see black dots float in my vision. Is this what you experience?

  • I do mostly the tiny black dots it's crazy

  • Hi anxietyprisioner5, I very rarely NOT feel weird vision. Blurry, like I am seeing things in a dream state. I too had been diagnosed with extreme anxiety as well as high blood pressure for which I am on medication. The vision was like that before any meds. I realize now that it is just another symptom of anxiety. More likely from the vessels in our eyes squeezing tight and yet with OK vision. I feel when I don't focus on it, I forget. Other than that, it's with me everyday. Hope this helps some.

  • thanks it kinda helps but i still worrie alot i just afraid somethings gonna happen to me

  • Hi anxietyprisioner5, I know you worry. I use to worry too. Take for instance, I just got back from grocery shopping today. Within minutes of being in the store, my right eye got blurry, watering constantly the whole time. I remember thinking, hope I can drive home like this. I got in the car, a song came on that I use to like and lo and behold it wasn't until now reading your post that I remembered my eye had been so blurry. It's gone for now. I not saying it doesn't exist but I am saying that being anxious effects all parts of our body. Not dangerous but annoying. The only difference between us is that I no longer worry about physical symptoms like I use to.

    Take care, don't worry be happy!

  • am i gonna die cause of this though

    imean the doctor thics its my blood pressure but im on meds and it just wont do away

  • The blood pressure medicine should be taking care of your pressure. I think of the medication as my safety valve, keeping my blood pressure in a safe range.

  • There are blood pressure meds that is also used for anxiety..

  • Are you on any other kind of meds for anxiety? Some of their side effects can be blurry vision. Also what does the eye doctor say about it?

  • he says my eyes are perfect

  • and my eyes arnt blurry their just feeling weird

  • Sweetie you will be fine anxiety causes so many scary symptoms its crazy when i get bad anxiety/panic i jump on this site it's awesome this site is what calms me down.. i have full blown anxiety whitch mean i have every single sympom some times i get them all at once that's the scariest part of my anxiety because t goes straight to panic attacks no warning or some time's i get warning whitch means i can stop it before it gets bad i just paid lots of attention to it at first now i know when i start to get tense-tingly -throbbing - heart fluttering i just do somthing anything so i dont focus on it it really work that's how it's slowing down im training my brain not to focus on the weird feelings inside me it works.... it will slow down then eventually stop all together train your self/ your brain not to over thinks things...

  • have yoou experiance what im trying to explin

  • Yes i have its dark in my room right now but if i turn on my light and look up and my sealing i would see very tiny black blurry dot... when i move my eye ball it's weird but its like im seeing my eye pupil.. my vision is also weird the blurred vision its like im about to passed out your vision goes blurry befor we pass out that's how mine is and that's what frwaks me out like im about to passed out but dont ugh.. i get like that but im learning to not focus on it or any of my full blown anxiety crap i will control it it will not control me i let it before not anymore

  • Jax78, throughout all my anxiety years, seeing a black blurry dot moving across the ceiling as I move my eyes has happened many times. It may go away for a while and then it's back again. I've had it the past several days. I do not get frightened anymore because it goes away after I blink.

    Years ago, I was known to see blood red spots on the wall and the ceiling. Found out those were migraine precursors. As long as you have your eyes checked, it's just something we may have to contend with.

  • Agora1,how are you doing tonight? well i was feeling a little bad tonight since i got on here i feel better not feelingto much of this mess ugh i just feel like scraming some time's at my anxiety or it to just leave me alone andgo away never come back.. like i want to kick it the h*** out of my life hoping it would listen.. lol.... i will be fine it hasn't illed me yet if it was a killer i would of been gone already that's really how im dealing with it i tell my self that every single day... thats really how i calm my self

  • People with anxiety are hypersensitive,everyone has what you described but they aren't looking for it. Hard to but true! Our minds are great at distractions so we don't really have to deal with things in our life that are sincerely bothering us. Instead our mind focused on benign symptoms like black dots in our vision. On you truly start to believe this, you'll see how quickly weird symptoms go away. I know because in living proof!

  • I haave experienced all the symptoms you've mentioned. Iv had blurry vision and what look likI floaters in my vision. Been to eye doctor had my eyes tested everything is healthy . Honestly since iv become less anxious it has gone away and haven't noticed it all . Only on days I'm anxious or get no sleep. Anxiety can definitely mess with your vision. It's hard to belief I had many sleepless night and horrible thoughts with these symptoms but ignored them and they are started to go

  • so your eyes felt weird too

  • Yup pretty much

  • did your head ever feel weird

  • the feeling in my eyes gets like really bad and intense did you have that symptom too

  • Yes my eyes are sore right now in behind them

  • no not that type of feeling there not sore i can just feel my eyes and my vision it getts like weird and intense i can see everything fine no bluryness nothing my visdion is just like uppity or something like weird idk

  • did you ever experiance that

    and yes sometimes the back of my eye would be sore

  • I don't know what your describing sorry but anxiety does mess with your vision

  • no my vision justt gets really weird my eyes arnt sore my vision just seems weird its jhard to explain

  • Do you look at things and freak out because everthing looks unreal.. do the light in your surroundings looks bright as hell and everthing looks unreal? if you do that is a panic attack..

  • yes

  • Like its the wamp wamps i call it lol.. when that happens blow that shit off act like its nothing it goes away i felt like that earlier today i just blew it off and just did somthing that kept my mind busy i got on my phone and played candy crush.. i live at a motel and also manage it so when i start feeling bad i get up i do somthing anything i try mybest to snap my self out of it because if i dont i will just shut people out and i shut down stay to my self my panic attacks cause me to freak out so bad i wont talk to anyone

  • thnks but im feeling other vision problms too

  • I have left a comment that could make more sense to you

  • does anyone know what im experiancing

    i dont feel right

    my eyes dont seem right

    there not blurry there not sore or anything all i am experiancing is weird vision like my vision is enchanced and really intense

  • This is happening to me right now! Yeah its hard to explain it, my eyes are like focusing intensely and I have to look away and blink twice to get it back go normal. Why is this happening? Are we experienceing the same thing?

  • please can someone relate

    im scared the eye doctor says my eyes are perfect buy why are they messing up then

  • I can relate anxietyprisioner5, Most people who have anxiety disorder experience this. It's annoying to say the least and unless you know what causes it, it can be down right scary. It is not harmful or dangerous. It is caused from the over tensed tight head muscles due to our fear. These muscles are also in the eyes and when tight cause a blurry intense sight. Sometimes just blinking or lightly swish you finger over the closed eye lid will help for a little while. But until you completely relax, it continues.

    You will find it more prominent when driving or shopping because the stimulation of so much to take in makes us anxious and the muscles clamp down once again. The pupils can dilate causing that weird feeling in both eyes. It is a normal reaction to stress and that is why the eye doctor does not see anything wrong.

    Hope this helps some in understand what anxiety can do to us.

  • I get the same thing don't worry lower stress levels slowly and everything will get better but be patient it takes time!!! 💗 Stay strong

  • so your vision gets weird and your eyes sometimes feel weird

  • Yes! Totally a normal symptom don't stress over it 👍🏻

  • I just went to my doctor today hes sending me to a neurologist sometime this month and that will tell me everything, if theres anything wrong hopefully theres not he said it might be phycological hopefully it is

  • Hi I'm new to this community and I feel the same! Do you mind sharing more about how your vision feels?

  • I have the same thing and it freaks me out I have random panic attacks I've had thing thing for a long time and I'm still not used to it and it doesn't help when I have it during school

  • Hi I think I know what your trying to explain, the weird vision sounds like you could have depersonalisation,derealisation if you look it up and see if this relates to your problem, I suffer with these conditions and it's hard to explain when you don't know what's going on, I hope this helps and makes sense to you take care

  • My eye issues are weird too. It feels like my pupils are expanding and everything is bright & like super real. Kind of looks cartoonish at times. I also have the black dots & im glad I stumbled upon this post because for such a long time I thought that was something serious. Well now I'm going to stop worrying about that. Also the gel in my eyes are broken from an accident years ago. I will constantly see floaters but my eye doctors say my eyes are fine. The pressure is fine and everything looks good.

    Everything has been ruled out for you if it was something serious. You had an MRI which shows picture segments of your brain and everything came back fine. Your eye doctors said your fine too.

    You are probably just experiencing anxiety. My eyes are constantly feeling weird. My right eye feels numb all the time & feels like its going to explode. I just keep telling myself I'm OK. I go to see a neurologist in october.

  • Hi How did u solve this problem?

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