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Went to ER yesterday from severe anxiety or reaction to propranolol


My anxiety has been severe since stopping Paxil, starting on Buspar and starting back on Zoloft for the last 2-3weeks. My dr gave me propranolol to try instead of my Xanax and I only took 5mg but after that I became severely lethargic, faint and started having chest pains so I went to the ER. Everything came back normal and Dr really couldn’t give any good advice about my meds. I leave Thursday for a 2 week trip overseas and I’m scared to death on how I feel. I wake up every morning with the shakes, nausea and overall anxiety and dread feeling. It usually gets better throughout the day but I’m having to take klonopin and Xanax to just function. Any advice or anyone that has experienced this I would love to hear from you. I’m so scared and just feel helpless! I use to be a very active and happy person, now I’m consumed with dread, panic and anxiety.

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THAT ARE YOUR NUMBER ONE PROBLEM. i am not yelling or trying to make you feel bad, I just see young people taking medication for what is a normal feeling AND STATE OF BEING. Anxiety and sometimes sadness are human emotions that Doctors try to treat like an illness.

I have been depressed, I do have anxiety on occasions, but medication would make me insane with horrible side effects. Please try to slowly cut back and realize you are just human in a world of many troubles. YOU ARE NORMAL, maybe a little more sensitive and kind, but that is a good thing you must embrace.

Stay strong and fight the fight against pills! xo

I agree that I don't want to be on as many meds but when you can hardly function bc your anxiety is so bad I have no choice. Its not just normal aniexty here and there is ALL day long making me sick and can barely eat, already lost 10lbs!

It's 100% okay to be on medication. Your brain is sick right now.

Therapy should always be first. No one can really get better when hiding behind medication. I am sorry some think I am harsh, but exercise and therapy is the only healthy way to go. Anxiety is a fear of the unknown, it's your thoughts taking over your life... Talk to family, find the inner issue of the anxiety and be strong and fight the big monster. don't let it win.. xo

I am in therapy and even she agrees I need to be on meds right now. Trust me I am also trying other more holistic ways to help with my anxiety but when you suffer from GAD and panic disorder some times meds are needed in the beginning.

If you don't see a change, a new therapist is always an option

I just started therapy so it’s very early.

Willie123 in reply to Cicinoodle

Your answer is harsh. You dont know what this persons journey with anxiety looks like. Anxiety disorder is crippling for some. I know and quite often meds are needed to cope.

What helped you the most? Having my dad around was great but didn’t completely get rid of it but def having someone close by to comfort me was reassuring.

Please be careful with Klonopin and Xanax, the benzos are meant to be taken short term, however, right now you probably really need them..I could relate to some of what you wrote, sounds like some morning anxiety, understandable..ya see, cortisol levels (stress hormone), are usually highest in the morning, upon waking..the other thing is that when your everyday life feels the way you describe, you don't want the day to start! Do ya know what I mean? The dread as you called it...as the day progresses, you begin to feel better, again, as you worded..the day is coming to "a close" right? You can lay all your worries to rest, hopefully? Unfortunately, the next morning, the all dreaded cycle starts all over again, and so on, and so on, etc etc...take care, I hope it makes sense, having a good therapist helps.

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