Morning Anxiety


Has anyone found any effective strategies for dealing with high anxiety on waking? As soon as I become conscious, I feel anxious. I haven't even thought about anything or been having nightmares etc, just wake up and it's there immediately ( feel sick, panicky, makes it very hard to get up). I can't eat until it subsides, usually after about 4 hours. By then I feel light headed too from not eating!

By the evening I feel almost normal, but dread the next morning and it all starting again.

I'm on escitalopram and am taking B12 and magnesium as I read they might help.

Thanks for any advice/ replies


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24 Replies

  • Hi yes I have it, it's become bareable at the moment ( still awful like you dread waking up ) but a few months ago it was the worst feeling Iv ever had in my life, it was so bad I use to wake up TERRIFED and I mean TERRIFED and nothing could stop it, I think because I'm on diazpam to help while I'm reducing my medication that's helping me to cope with the mornings, yes I TOTALLY understand you they are horrendous, there is a medical name for it, and a beta blocker you can get from your GP to help, although It didn't help me but has helped others, good luck I hope it gets easier for you, but yes mornings are horrendous for me to, your not alone xx

  • Thank you sandraan, it is so horrible isn't it?! I find diazepam helps but my GP doesn't want me to get hooked on them, so would only prescribe me a few and they're nearly run out. I'm seeing him again on Friday so I'll ask about the beta blockers.

    I've managed to get up, shower, wash hair and am now having food and cupof tea, feeling much more normal but it was sooo hard to do (which is ridiculous! !) Hope you have a good day hun xx

  • No it's not ridiculous at all, In fact I think you should be so proud of yourself for doing it, I know just how hard it is and how very strong you have to be to push yourself to do it, so you should be very pleased with yourself your moving forward very well done, xxc

  • Thank you hun. Nobody here to notice the small steps I make. ( I live with my 2 teens) so it's so nice to hear a "well done " I could almost weep xx

  • I am the same mornings are the worst and it will last for hours I always feel the best in the evening I really don't know why. But my psychiatrist said its common with anxiety as our cortisol levels(stress hormone) are at its highest in the morning and slowly wears off during the day.

    I just go about my morning and day as best as I can just push through it. I don't really have any better advice but you are not alone xx

  • Thank you Aazz, isn't there any way we can lower cortisol levels then?

    ( guessing not...:-/)

  • There is a prescription that lowers cortisol levels but I can't remember the name right now.

  • I'll ask my GP on Friday :-)

  • Hi again annalou. I remember the name of the drug used for anxiety is Gabapentin also known as Neurontin. Some people swear by it. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Agora, is this the one to take to lower cortisol of a morning ? I'm going to see my GP tomorrow il ask her for it if it is for that ?? Thanks

  • Thank you!! I heard of one called Pregabalin or something like that... Is that the same thing?

  • Pregabalin is another name for Lyrica. A pain management med for Fibromyalgia, Shingles etc. The Neurontin is one of those meds that has been found to have duel uses. Is used mostly for sciatica, nerve like pain. But it is the one my psychiatrist said some people find relief from their anxiety. It is an antiseizure medication as well. It's best you ask your doctor, he will know what's best for you. Being our own advocate is not always the best thing.

    Take care.

  • Hi, I'm not sure if you have the correct name of the medication to lower cortisol, Gabapentin is for eplispey, to stop seizures. I'm Intrested in what mads bring down cortisol that's why I ask ? X

  • I was on neurontin for anxiety some years back, it didn't work that great.

  • I never tried it myself, so I don't know if it would control the anxiety, I'm so darn afraid of taking new meds. And yet, there are some that say it gave them a new life. Go figure!

  • :-( sorry to hear that

  • * that was to ricochet252, by the way.

    I think any med is worth a try, am just so fed up with this feeling

  • I think exercise so in the morning if you do some exercise apparently it can help, however I know it can be hard to be motivated for physical activity especially when you feel like crap

  • yes many times all through my life HOWEVER I have mentioned her before and will mention here again there are books by Dr Claire Weekes where she speaks of the Dreaded morning feeling and she explains it all so well Peace from Nervous suffering.. and Self Help for your nerves.. she has crossed now and her family have published both books in one so it is easy to find she is such a help.. hope she helps you xx

  • Thank you Pat9 I will look on Amazon now. :-)

  • Hi Pat, thanks for jolting my memory regarding Dr. Claire Weekes. I just ordered her book from Amazon. Years ago she was my mentor, can't wait to read it.

  • Oh I am glad I helped Agora :) Short version with me I had a nervous breakdown when I was 25 yrs old.. ( Many yrs ago) and it lasted 2 whole years and then I found Dr Weekes books and my life changed forever.. :) I couldn't bare even to read but I got the books opened the page and there was me in all my pain finally someone spoke about the things I was secretly going through as back in those days nobody spoke of anxiety/depression.. so I kept quiet but her books I have kept with me all my life and they are two of my most precious possessions.. I recently got the new book of hers published by her family and there was some new stuff in there of hers I hadn't read before but yes like you she was my mentor and my life saver.. glad I reminded you of her :) XX

  • Hi Pat, Your story is like mine. People didn't talk about anxiety/depression for fear of being looked down upon. I know what you mean about her books. Tears came to my eyes the minute I read a few pages of her book for the first time. There were others who shared the same symptoms. I was fortunate in that they had a support group at that time, so I got to meet other who I could relate to and not feel ashamed.

    One more day, and I get her book through the mail. Thanks again.

  • Hi annalou24

    I have exactly what you have. I seem to sleep forever. Then when i open my eyes in the morning i start heart starts racing. I feel sick and it takes everything i have to get started. Split up with partner three weeks ago. Hate my job. Been of sick three weeks with anxiety and depression. Worried about money as i am only on sick pay and have a car to pay for. I am with mental health and on meds. I have a care plan. Im hoping to sort myself out soon.

    You are not alone with your morning problem. Something must have triggered it. I dont know whats going on in your life. If you are going through an unsettled time maybe that might be the cause. Once you know the root of the problem you could start from there at least its a start.

    Good luck



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