Physical affects from severe anxiety?

Hi guys, im 21 years old. Ive been struggling with real bad anxiety latley, it's been affecting my job and hanging out with my girlfriend. I get worried and work, worry about if I stopped breathing or forgot how to actually breathe entirely.. I have a hard time sitting or laying still at night, laying on my stomach feels a lot better. I get these little episode where it feels like im not breathing right and not getting enough air and I have bad feeling my lungs are just gonna fail or somthibg bad. Latley along with that I feel somthibg in my back some kind of discomfort, could that just be from the stress and anxiety? Yesterday it felt like my rib was rubbing up against my right lung at the bottom it feels lik3 and that's never happened, it felt a little uncomfortable to take a deep breathe on my right side. Anyone else had this? I went to the doctor maybe a month ago and tney said my lungs sounded fine, they didnt do any other tests other then listen to them though. Could I just be thinkin about it way to much to much which is causing this? Any replies will help, god bless

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  • Hi there,

    It sounds like gas.

    But we cant diagnose you here, go to your gp and if all clear then its the many many symptoms of anxiety. :(

    Hope you feel better


  • Anixtey makes you feel all kind of symptoms which can make you worry something is seriously wrong I suffer with health anxiety and any little thing turns into something massive no matter what people say or how many times I visit the doctor and he says your fine I can never just except its anixtey! I'm receiving therapy for mine as it's that bad! Maybe talk to your doctor about anixtey see if he/she agrees anixtey interferes with my life daily I hate being alone with my little boy just incase something terrible happens to me and he's left alone that's on my mind all the time hope you get to the bottom of why you feel this way good luck x

  • hI how long have you had your it from the birth of your wee boy..if so it can be hormonal that needs balanced..

  • Yeah it's all started when he was 8 weeks old my partner had gone back to work my parents went on holiday everyone stopped visiting because he wasn't the new tiny new born anymore I had panic attack ended up at the gp unit at the hospital and it's just gone on and on from then that was beginning of fed this year

  • Darling go back to your GP and ask them to check your hormone levels. My feeling are that you are low in progesterone.. This happens when your hormones are all over the place after child birth and in menapause..and the symptons of this is anxiety...this can be sorted so easily..

  • Yeah I'm there on Friday that place know me by name now don't even have to check in ! I'm on fluoxetine have been the last month now work better then diazepan but still don't feel me tho

  • Hello. I get lots of symptoms related to anxiety, some similar to yours. When you're anxious your breathing does funny things and you could be hyperventilating. I suggest you go to your doctors with a list of your symptoms and ask for a health check. Explain your worries and ask if you could be put forward for some counselling/therapy to get an understanding of why you feel anxious and what techniques you can use to feel better. In the mean time look up anxiety on the nhs website and read up about all the symptoms. Good luck.

  • Hi... I know exactly how you feel. I get the same kind of feelings and find bed time a nightmare. I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and feel like I'm actually dying. I always think I'm going to stop breathing. All my feelings are on my left side and I often think I'm having a heart attack. I have days when I'm not so bad but when I get anxious about something it's worse and I think it's the end. Hope it's some comfort to you knowing you're not alone. I hope you have some good days and when you're at your worst remeber someone else is too. Just keep telling yourself you're Ok and try stay calm it helps in the long run but not easy. xx

  • hi to everyone i know what everyone is feeling im going threw the same i have anxiety since i was eighteen and now 47 it always came and went and now it feels like its here to stay.Now im going threw morning anxiety i wake up in a panic shakey legs heart is racing hand shaken out of control i do take zanax which takes the anxiety for a while but after about 4 hours it comes back starting to really interfer with my work and everyday living will take any advice thank you for listening.Good luck to everyone out there.

  • Hey there I'm sorry you're feeling low:(

    Go back to your doctor and get checked out.

    Checkout Headspace, this is a website that will help to keep things calm xx

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