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Think it’s a uti

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Hi all

Im just going through the most craziness illness of my life I’m 43 I started out on the 14th dec with wanting the toilet more fully emptying my bladder but quite a lot of ml

By the 20th I was struggling to even start to urinate with a burning behind my scrotum and an heavy pressure there so I sat in open surgery the morning of the 21st .... the doctor did a pee dipstick no infection did a rectum test for my prostate and did my reflex for Cauda equina seems ok so sent me on my way and said drink plenty of fluids ......

each day this pressure feeling was driving me nuts using the toilet more and more within 30 mins burning sensation in the end of my penis

By Christmas Day I was climbing the walls so ended up at the AE .....after 7hrs my bp was 165/128 they found blood and infection in my urine and prescribed me thrimethoprim 200mlg twice a day I took one as soon as I left the hospital .... went to bed as soon as I got out of bed 5hrs later the symptoms had relief wow I took my second 200mm later and went to bed .... I had the worst sleep ever dreams that felt so real and sweating ....

The next day the symptoms was still releved until the afternoon then it all came back !!!

the pressure bit and burning tip of penis

Needing the toilet again until bedtime ... I finally got to sleep slept 6-7hrs before needing toilet ... after I emptied my bladder the symptoms had releved again

All night I was dreaming and the top of my spine felt like a hammer had been used I had burning sensations down my inner thighs to the soles of my feet and hands ??

Today I went back to docs and told them she did a pee dipstick again and said my infection wasn’t showing but keep taking meds

The thing is my symptoms keep coming on and off needing to urinate every hr and the pressure sensation is still there with the burning in my penis obviously I’m going to take the rest of the antibiotics but I ’d really appreciate any shared past experiences

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Bradfordjoiner, I'm sorry you are in so much pain and discomfort. It sounds like you might have prostatitis. The fact that you just got the antibiotics on Christmas Day isn't

enough time to have completely started to work. As your doctor stated, continue to take

the rest of the pills. When on antibiotics for any infection, you need to get past that half

way point to even start to feel the effects. Even at that, you must finish the complete dose

before your symptoms are alleviated.

Keep checking with your doctor. You are doing all the right things. It takes a little time.

Wishing you well soon.

Thanks agora

Thanks for the fast reply the doc did say it may have entered the prostate and today I do feel better than yesterday so I can see a repair ..... that was the worry thought I was going down hill fast and thought it was going more on the line of pudendal neuralgia has I’ve a bad back aswell and never know what pains they are so always bloody wait till last minute .... thank god it’s not that !!!! Thanks again agora take care

Hi again

After being seen by urologist doing numerous tests he told me it proberbly is prostitis ..... you predicted correct agora ....... the only thing now is I’m on antibiotics..... new ones and on the 4th day ..... it doesn’t seem to be shifting ..... I know I shouldn’t be pessimistic but I am lol

It’s sending me insane ... the burning inside my periniam and the constant feeling of my bladder overloaded only to find 150ml of urnine ...... I’ve done loads of research on web and realised this is a complex problem for most doctors ..... I’ve been looking for an up todate forum to share my daily encounters but cannot find anything does anyone know of any on web??? Would be a great help as a problem shared is a problem halved ..... thanks

Bradfordjoiner, I am sorry you are so uncomfortable and in pain. This is quite

a common malady among men. Give the antibiotics a chance to work. Not until

you get past half the prescription will you start to feel some relief. I am not sure

if there is a forum with Health Unlocked for this particular issue. I agree that it

would help sharing your problem with others going through the same thing.

Let me see if I can find anything that may help support you. I will write back if

I do. It's going to be a little tough for a while but know that it will get better soon.

Take care. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Bradfordjoiner, I did find a support forum for prostatitis in Health Unlocked.

It is under Malecare. Hope this helps.

Thankyou agora

Yes you are right there is a forum on here which I have joined thanks so much for taking the time to look .... I’ve scanned the web in the last week to find any others with advise to rid this evil ailment....... I’m still taking the antibiotics and have 3 days of 7 left so hopfully see some improvement today look after yourself agora thanks again I’ll keep this post updated now n again just in case someone else stubbles on it with the same horrible symptoms ..... thanks ...god bless

Hi, I had similar symptoms and they gave me a bunch of antibiotics and other medication. But it only gave me a temporary fix then the whole thing just came back again. Mine was a UTI, and always recurred. Just like you, I did tons of research and after many recommendations, I found some natural herb that help in this conditions. D-mannose and Hibiscus to be exact. I am now taking some pills containing these and other herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins. These have helped me a lot. No more UTIs. Seems like it cleansed my system. Also i drink liters of water daily

Thanks pal

I’ve been on these saw pelmetto now for 4 days defo seen improvement still a bit tingly inside my scrotum like the urethra is touching a raw nerve or Sumat just a constant reminder ....... cannot wait for it to go ............. I’ll try that d mannose n hibiscus thanks again

don't mention it. nothing difficult on my part. glad I could help. If you decide to use D-Mannose as I recommend, let me know and I will tell you the exact product that helped me.

Back down hill other day so decided to do the 28days trimoprim .... it’s horrible I feel most of the pressure in my anus and Perineal area if I press it there it’s like a nerve button .... thanks Hppy I’ll let you know as soon as I’m back on the herbal stuff ......

Hi all just an update

Diagnosed with chronic prostititis nothing they really can do as they don’t know why it happens but finish my antibiotics..... and hopfully will not come back for a year or so if it does then just get more antibiotics for 28 days ...... my symptoms have got better 80% so I feel better in myself

If anyone’s reading this thinking there illness won’t get at least manageable then pls don’t as it will ..... just keep in there ..... this has sent me crazy I’ve not won the war but have won the battle ......

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