Help! Scared feel so tired but to scared to sleep got so many symptoms but doc seems to think it's just depression and anxiety

I'm 30 two children and so worried has anyone had all these symptoms: digestive problems, belching, pains in back and ribs, lots of body spasms, leg twitches, eyes burning, burning sensation in head, head zaps, weak legs, pain in neck, tired all the time, can't sleep properly feel like I can't breathe and panic, mornings feel so ill, but gradually through the day start to feel abit better had these symptoms for the last few weeks had full blood work but still not convince it's anxiety surely you can't be like this all day. I don't even think about it when I feel all these things it's scary 😢


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  • I feel like this at the moment, pretty much all of the symptoms in your list. I am sitting watching TV and bang, anxiety at its worst for no apparent reason at all. It's awful, I've convinced myself I must have something serious, my Husband is good though. He brings me back down to earth, but it doesn't stop me feeling the way I do. I hope you feel better soon x

  • That's good to know Jspar everyday I feel worse I just want to get better it's really affecting my life I got put on citalopram but they made me feel worse and horrible thoughts I kept stopping and starting them which probably doesn't help my eyes are so saw yet I can't sleep 😴 mornings are awful I can't sleep I'm convinced I'm terminally ill that's how I feel each day there's a new pain I feel and feel like I can't get out of bed in the mornings when I do drift off I wake up trying to breathe 😣

  • What does ur husband do to help bring u back to earth??

  • Hi Jspar, doc gave me diazepam and 50mg setraline im kind of nervous to start them cause of my bad experience with citalopram 😩 My hips still hurting though and I'm getting lots of weird spasms in my body. I just want to feel normal again

  • Ashleyw1987 I know how u feel I'm 30!as well and it's scary to have all these weird things going on with our bodies!! I use to enjoy going out with my Babies for a walk and just having fun with them and now I'm to scared to leave my house cuz I can feel normal but still have that feeling of falling down and dying!! I have 3 kids!! I get the burning eyes and I can't sleep right so I don't feel like I'm getting enough sleep at night when I wake up the next day I'm really tired!! I also have the lots of body spasms and body pain I feel weak in my legs and arms a lot!! The most that I really don't like is the feeling weak and like I'm wearing a tight band on my head feeling when I'm not!! U know what I do for all of this I breath and tell myself I'm fine and I well get through the day and it's going to be a good day!! Yes it's hard but u also need to take time for urself cuz I know with having kids it's mostly about them and no time for urself!! And it's not easy!! I was 18 weeks pregnant and I lost my baby and it was a very hard thing to deal with plus on top of that deal with my anxiety attacks and stress with family!! But u know what in the long end ur still here and u well get through it u just need to tell urself they r just thoughts and I'm not going to act on them!! And also therapist say that the more u fight the thoughts the stronger they get but the more u ignore them they well big u more!! With me I always get those feelings of o no I'm going to fall who is going to be there for my kids to help them and who is going to help me??!! But in the long end in the 4 days that I've felt like this with no meds nothing but just feeling tired and overwhelmed!! I think the more u talk about ur symptoms and how ur feeling on that day or even write it down have a journal it does help!! I hope some of this helps u!!

  • Hi Chrissy, I'm so sorry for your loss I can't imagine how you must of felt. I'm glad you are being able to help yourself with anxiety. My doc told me I needed cbt I told them the burning pains and she said that's not anxiety related and cannot help me which made me panic even more. I'm trying to ignore all the pains and spasms and head pains but when they feel so real it's hard 😩 Thanks for replying to me it helps

  • I would talk to another doctor about the burning eyes cuz those r one of the symptoms of anxiety just google it and u well see it!! I'm sure everything we'll be okay for the both of us!! I'm hopeful we'll trying to be anyways!! It's been a weird couple of days cuz I feel fine but still have thoughts like I'm going to fall or die at any minute which really scares me!! And for the head pains tell don't ask ur doctor that u would like a head scan that is there job they work for u not u work for them!! My doctor is really good like that I tell him I think I need blood tests and an ultrasound and he gives me papers to do so!! The other thing that really bugs me is feeling like I'm here but I'm not which I think they call derealisation and also the tight band around my head!! It's not at all fun!! I really do think u might need a second say though

  • Hi guys, when I'm not good I tell my husband what symptoms are worrying me and how I feel like I have something serious going on and he will remind me that I have felt like this for years on and off and am still here. He also reminds me whether I have or haven't slept well, and certain other aspects of what I have been up to in the last few days that might trigger things for me. This helps me realize why I might feel like it at that time and settles my thoughts a bit x

  • Jspar it's reassuraring when you can talk to people how your feeling and get it all off your chest! I don't get it I'm better through the day but feel ill in the mornings and when I go to sleep I fear I'm not going to wake up 😣 Has any of this affected your digestive system. I had bad heartburn that's gone away but now I have diaeorrea. I did have head pains and burning sensations but they seem to have gone since I stopped citalopram. Jspar what's your symptoms? I have docs tomorrow morning just want to be the old me again 😢🙏🏻

  • All of the above lol. Heart burn, IBS, massive effects on my appetite, dizzy, breathless, have had every major illness/condition (in my head), hot flushes, shivers. Bloody anxiety! Still here to tell the tale though. Good luck at the Docs x

  • Jspar docs gave me diazepam and 50mg setraline diazepam has made me relax more but I'm still in pain with my hip and leg but I do have a toddler I have been picking up more lately it just seems everyday there's a pain somewhere and spasm in my body and I think oh I've got it everywhere some disease 😢

  • I have the digestive problems( I know this is just anxiety as I eat really healthy and I didn’t have them before the anxiety) also the belching but that went away in its own. I’ve also had back pain and rib pain. Tired and also tingling. I’ve had blood work when I went urgent care before but it was all good, had an mri/ct and they were both good too

  • That's reassuring I've had excessive burping and diarrhoea I don't even feel anxious and these things come on 😩 My body twitches and little pins and needles. It all started off with electric shock head pains then she gave me citalopram which I got horrendous burning everywhere and it didn't help one bit keep getting back pain then it's rib pain the next day and today it's hip pain I just think that now I'm riddled with a disease and it's so scary I've had full blood work she won't give me scans but In a way I'm petrified as I don't think I want to know. I feel like I'm going through this on my own 😢 Do you feel worse in the mornings and evenings? What's worse I found a white blob thing in the corner of my eye but I'm insisted it's a tear duct or something as I've been crying a lot. I keep looking at my body for a sign of a lump or anything just so someone will believe me can this really be all in my head before all this I must admit I basically had a breakdown could not stop crying 😩 Thanks for replying it's great to talk to someone

  • Anxiety can give you so many terrible symptoms! The pain in the different areas is probably just tight muscles, I go to a chiropractor and she said the muscles in between my shoulders are really tight. When I went to the dr for the rib pain the first thing he thought it was from stress(it does feel like my actual ribs but I think the muscles in between the ribs are just really tight) and that’s probably the same with your back and hip also :) I’m always scared that something horrible is wrong with me though! I usually always wake up really anxious! Also I do get rather anxious at night as I’m probably worn out from all the anxiety during the day. I’m always checking my body too! Always scared I’ll find something! It’s so hard to believe ours brains can do this to us, but they really are a very powerful thing!

  • I've definitely suffered the rib pain too! And just below I suffered with hip pain and pelvic pain in pregnancy so maybe it's to do with that. Just hard to believe my brains causing this. I've had so many different pains my eyes felt like they were burning the other day too I feel really blinded by the sun I'm always making mistakes forgetting stuff. Lost weight too as I did stop eating but my appetites much better now 🙏🏻 Just want to put the weight back on. Did you ever get weird ripples or spasm sensations in your body? Freaks me out like something's moving inside you. I've also had numb sensation on head I seem to have so many anxiety symptoms yet not really the heart ones it only panics me when I get a weird sensation/ pain/ spasm

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