Tension headache or cluster headache

At the min my headaches are so bad it feels like a burning sensation on my head mixed with the tension headache at the sides n behind the ears

I posted the other day about my tension headache been a bad one that was affecting the back of my head

Do ppl get a tension headache before bed coz when I take my amytriptaline sometimes it makes the headache worse

So I'm wondering if I could be suffering from cluster headaches wich involves the burning sensation xx

It's from the minute I wake up n till I eventually fall to sleep


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5 Replies

  • Wow ik this old but i have the same feeling hope you take a look at my reply its been 2yrs for u & i would like to know how it turned out or are you better which i hope!!

  • Me too for 2 months!!!! Are u going though this?

  • Are u still going through this?????

  • Yes i do but not severe do you get the eye pressure pain. As well. Since may

  • No eye pressure I went to a TMJ specialist yesterday and he examine me and when he touched inside my cheeks I jumped in pain. It's called mayofascial nerves/ muscles doing this and going up to my head :(

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