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I think I have ms?

I am finding it difficult to believe anxiety can be the cause of so many physical things, I lay here in bed with my head pressure right across my forehead, it almost feels like a burning feeling? Or freezing cold? I have felt dizzy on and off for nearly a year now! I can't bare the dizziness. It is ruining my life. I have recently noticed how much my hands have started to shake. And my eye sight doesn't quite seem the same. I get blurry vision a lot! Pain killers don't touch the sides with the headaches/head pressure. Getting up and going to work in itself is such a struggle, I feel like I'm going to pass out everytime I was a little distance! I'm not even an anxious person! Until I started getting all these REAL problems and the doctors stopped caring

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It's awful I experience the same seven year I've been like this my life is not the same nothing seems to make me happy even though I have five beautiful sons I could cry I can't take them far as I panic far to easy even sat here writing this is upsetting I'm sick. I find it hard to believe the symptoms are anxiety because I can name ten different things I just wish I could be normal anf not wake up daily been of balance and sweating x


i know how you feel. I am only 26 and do not go out hardly anywhere anymore. I just to be the life and soul! My family have given up caring, they think it's all in my head. But they aren't the ones walking around feeling like they are about to pass out!


Or same as my family it doesn't start in ya head believe me but once you experience a panic attack out of no were like I did on the bus seven year a go with a newborn baby is scary and since then it's lived with me ye alt of it is in ya head because ya can't help been scared about worrying what's going to happen I'm only 27 with 5 sons so it's harder for me because they need to go plans etc. Good job they have a good dad what does everything to keep them happy because I can't stand


I feel the same way. I'm sure you've heard a million times before that you aren't alone, and you really aren't. My anxiety has really started to take a toll these last few days and progressively got worse over the course of about 4 years. I struggle at work every day and am not sure If I am able to work the rest of winter. ive been dizzy, short of breath, shaky.. and the more you think about them the longer they stay but how can you not be a little bit freaked when you get these symptoms seemingly out of nowhere right? I don't know what to do anymore either... ive tried meds, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy


Or its so hard to forget it's not as easy as people say.

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