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Anxiety about being asleep


Hello everyone, I'm new to this group, my name is Sofia and I'm 19 years old. I have been dealing with extreme anxiety for 3 months now, I'm on the psychologist but I'm not taking anything to calm anxiety. I'm really afraid of dying, and being asleep is the worst, I can fall asleep really easily but when I wake up I just feel panic and weird. Does anyone feel like that as well?

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Hi Sofia. Welcome to anxiety ha ha. I myself have been suffering for 3 years and it's not easy. What you need to do is start finding the best techniques to utilize to manage your anxiety better.

The good news is you can manage yourself to alleviate symptoms so that they're less intense. The bad news is anxiety is with you for life. It's the normal reaction due to the fight or flight response. It's just with anxiety sufferers we are over sensitized and experience hypervigilance.

Because we've been sensitized by the events the brought on our anxiety the memories of those events have been saved into our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind plays a huge part in anxiety. This is why the anxiety loop persist.

Try educating yourself about how the subconscious mind and anxiety go hand in hand. I'm trying to keep this response as short as possible lol.

Best home remedies to manage yourself is to 1. Practice mindfulness meditation 2. Eat healthy 3. Exercise 4. Aroma therapy. You can look into talk therapy with a therapist. CBT or medicate if you so choose to. You have to do your research and find what best suits you to help alleviate the physical symptoms that occur with anxiety.

Check out this link it may help. I try this but itv takes commitment and practice. I know what you're going through and the symptoms of anxiety are very real and debilitating. It takes a strong will to except and be humble with anxiety. Sometimes you have to let it be and don't fight it and behave without overreacting when you have a bad day.

Stay strong and don't let anxiety win. Check out the link. Message me if you have any questions.

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Thank you so much for the help ❤️

Dnel82 in reply to Hidden

The link sorry i forgot

I have excellent links on my profile- do check them out! anxiety and panic are common, highly treatable, it is entirely possible to recover. You are on a journey of discovery. So many come out the other side much stronger, self-aware, more confident, even more brave than they are right now (and you're already brave, just living with this and not yet understanding it makes you incredibly brave:) )

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I will check them out, thank you so much ❤️

I used to feel like this for a long time but it’s not gonna happen that’s what I always tell myself!

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I always try to do that but it gets really hard to handle specially at night, hope it will get better

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It will get better ❤️ pray about it if you can

Yes the minuite I wake up and have too get up because I'm lying in bed and everything going round in my head and can't relax

Hi such hope you are ok.The problem with mental health is that

In my experience all of the medical

Profession like a person to say their symptoms and then they reply with a label of depression, anxiety etc etc. But the truth is as a fellow sufferer and through research this is not helpful firstly as slot of these conditions are so interlinked that they are hard to isolate.The approach should be

to treat the symptoms.Personally

I have found comfort in diazepam,

Which worked much better than

Any SSRI but unless you have a very understanding GP it's hard to get a script.One big problem is as it works so well it becomes so addictive. Each to their own.Deep down I know that anxiety etc can be eradicated through exercise, socialising, getting in the countryside camping etc, swimming. As so far as sleeping

Is concerned well I spent weeks last month scared to sleep as

That's when the demons came.

It was so depressing.i woke up and had to have a drink to settle myself. It's not the answer but was

Unbearable. I think staying at home is the worst thing to do as

Meeting new people can really help. If you need any tips I have many of them.There is an approach called mindfulness which

Involves grounding yourself with your surroundings and basically

Can stop panic and anxiety. Worth looking into as it takes practice.Do you suffer panic attacks x

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