Someone plz tell me how to stay asleep

Hello everyone.. since this anxiety started for me 8 mos ago I have trouble staying asleep. About 6-7 mos ago I had days where I couldn't fall asleep at all. .. went to the docs n she prescribed lorazepam. Which helped .. I was able to get to sleep. . But I didnt want to be on pills so every week id try to sleep without them and couldn't .. until a mo a half later. . I stopped the lorazepam and was able to fall asleep on my own. . Its always took me 30-45 mins to fall asleep but once I'm asleep I always wake up throughout the night a few times .. them I'm tired all day. I go to bed around 10:15-10:30.. and I get up at 6:50 am but like I said I get up throughout the night. . Usually around 3am. . But at times its 12:30. Before I got this anxiety I never had trouble sleeping. Anybody got any tips on how to help me stay asleep? fyi I do all the normal precautions .. no TV. . No cell phone .. no bright lives. . No exercise.. no caffeine before bed. . But id love to sleep again .. plz help. . Oh n btw Im not taking Any pills for anxiety



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  • I have had problems with sleep aswell. I went to my doctor and I am now on anti-anxiety medication. It does work and i have never taken anything before. they take a few days to kick in but I think it would be worth thinking about.

  • Hi samdexter.. I've been prescribed so many anti anxiety meds I can open up a pharmacy lol. . If I may ask. . What are you taking? And does it help with your daily anxiety as well? I'm just super scared of the side effects :'(

  • Hi,

    I have been prescribed Sertraline 50mg, once daily. Yes they work great for me. You do get a few symtoms for a couple of days but then they do clear. Well worth thinking about. I will say that I was very depressed aswell and after a four/five days I feel and sleep so much better. It also helps to talk to people to eliviate the anxieties. I have started talking to people, I'm the worlds worst for passing on my feelings, but now I am making slow but sure progress. I suffer from pelvic pain aswell. The medication is used for OCD and PTSD.

    Hope this helps. And please talk about your anmxiety as much as possible. Take care

  • Anxiety is soul destroying, i have suffered for many years, i am 67 now and have health anxiety now too.

  • I don't always sleep well but don't take any medication. I find a warm bath with lavender helps and deep breathing concentrating n the breaths and emptying the mind. I haven't tried it but I know some people find meditation helps. I generally sleep better if I've done quite a bit of exercise but unfortunately sometimes when things are really bad nothing works.


  • Thanks for the advice MR :-)

  • I was reading through your posts, I was wondering if you still have the dizziness?

  • I was reading through your posts, I was wondering if you still have the dizziness?

  • Hi lisacola11 yes I still have the off balance feeling everyday. .. It has gotten better in the last week but I do have days / weeks where its better. I have been really trying to not let it get to me... some days are easier said then done with that... do u also have dizziness / off balance feeling all day?

  • Hi, I have just been to a course where I mentioned the following - this worked for me and several people I have mentioned it to. Note: the dose has to be VERY precise though.......

    A small bottle of pure Lavender Oil (the bottle should be brown as it goes off if light gets to it so never buy lavender oil if in a clear bottle) - you can buy these in pharmacists or health shops. On a tissue, TWO DROPS only should be put on it (no more as it is a sedative effect - if you overdo it, throw the tissue away and start again). Place the tissue BETWEEN your pillow that you are lying on and pillowcase, never directly on top the pillow. Place it up above your head only (never near your face, eyes or nose). Because of its' sedative effect, it will send you off to the land of nod quite quickly. Every time you breathe in through your nose, you get a lovely smell of lavender and it is a natural relaxant.

    ps I also have some lovely coloured Christmas lights hanging on my bedroom wall and if I can't sleep I turn them on and just let my mind go blank when looking at them. It gives me something lovely to look at and I get back to sleep.

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks Ginger_11 I'm going to have to try that. I've heard good things about lavender ... I have some lavender lotion I put on before bed... I also have a melting pot of which I have lavender candle melts I put in it but none really seems to help. This weekend I'm going to try what u suggested ... wish me luck! ;-)

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