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Anxiety when trying to fall asleep


This hasn't happened to me for some time now so I'm very confused as to what the hell is causing me to feel like this,

It's like trying to fall asleep but right before the point of drifting off I feel weird, and overcome with the worrying sensation then I shoot myself awake, I hate it,

It's freaking me out and really bothering me. Ugh , life can be a trip sometimes but Anxiety is one thing I wouldn't wish on my greatest enemy, I'm so sleepy and physically tired but everytime I try falling asleep I'm jolted back awake :/ I'll try and see what happens but wish me luck.

Sweet Dreams to all

- Tabuu

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All my luck you brother. Hope you have a nice sleep.


Thank You Brother . ! Same to you

Anxiety is one thing I wouldn't wish on my greatest enemy!!!

I find that my anxiety is worse at night and to scared to sleep as soon as my body drifts off I jump and I'm awake again x

Yes . ! I hate that feeling :/

and it sucks because I love sleeping, I always have amazing dreams but I recently have been dealing with the whole twitching, being jolted back awake while trying to doze off.

Yes i hate it too, I have it in my head neck an arm , its a horrible thing to deal with to 😞

I hope your sleep picks up x

Same to you also . !

Feel free to message me whenever you're feeling down or tripping out

😊 the same to you as always free x

I'm new to this site and I suffer from anxiety/panic. Severe migraines and back problems and health problems and it's only going to get worse as I get older as I was effected from agent orange from my father. I know what your talking about as I explained it to the dr its like a hamster on a hamster wheel going real fast as soon as you lay down and all these thoughts are spinning around in your head you start to worry then dwell then there's guilt( if your in a fight with your friend or whoever) it is annoying trust me I know how you feel I've fallen asleep in my food at least more than 5 times a month and when I say more than 5 I'm not kidding. I'm usually up till 4:30 am or later I can't fall asleep until my body actually gives in from being over tired.

I have tried headphones in the past

With the music a little high so I can't hear anything around me. I think your best bet is to talk to your Dr or there's Benadryl which isn't habit forming or the sleep aid that comes in a cough syrup its made for a good nights sleep and it isn't habit forming I'm not sure of the name but it has z's on it but first talk to your Dr

Good luck Tracey

I'm having this problem right now. -_- it doesn't happen daily, but it happens too often. It's such a terrible feeling when all you want is sleep and you can't keep yourself relaxed :(

This happens to me from time to time and its quite a strange and scary feeling. Hang in there

I can definitely relate . That’s why I’m currently up 😑😕

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