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In the span of 14 months (about 10 years ago) I lost both my parents and my partner ended our relationship. I called it the trifecta of loss. I had so much to do to close my parent's estate, move into my own place, etc. that I didn't grieve the losses. My therapist feels that this unexpressed grief may be a part of why my anxiety and panic returned earlier this year.

If anyone knows of an online grief support community I would appreciate hearing about it. I've joined Grief In Common but it doesn't seem very active...actually it kinda looks like a hook-up site, but I may be misinterpreting some of the posts.


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Hi battersea,

Sorry to hear about your loss. I don’t know of any online grief support forums/groups, but recently came across a book written by Alan Wolfelt, “Understanding Your Grief.” There’s also a companion workbook that I bought, and it helps work through some of those emotions through writing. I accidentally bought the journal workbook instead of the actual book it’s based on, but the workbook has been helpful in my own grieving.

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Thank you anxiousbuthopeful1...I'll look into it.


I recommend attending a grief supper group. There is something called GriefShare that meets once a week at churches around the country.

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I'm looking online for groups like that in my area. Fortunately I live in a big city so I should find something.

Thank you!!

With all due respect, after reading this post, would you consider a wilderness course?

I do not know you at all, as I only read your words.

My sense is, is that protracted grief, and anxiety {for you} might be benefited by going into some kind of camp of sorts.

Like in the movie City Slickers.

Disclaimer: I am about to make a bold statement below, that has been true for me in the past. IF it fits you by any chance, know that you are not alone, and know that an outdoor course might be your answer. IF it is not, forgive me and I will remove my post immediately.

The anxiety and grief is a shroud that you hold onto because if you don't you won't have anything left in life that gives you meaning.

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Hi Indigojoe...I feel that I know the spirit in which you are sending your reply in. So I am not offended or hurt at all.

I appreciate your reply and I understand that communication like this is fraught with potential for misunderstanding, etc.

I'm finally getting around to grieving a painful loss of many years ago that I haven't processed at all (so its not protracted, it hasn't been addressed at all until a few months ago) so that's what I'm going to do. I like your suggestion about a wilderness course...maybe when the weather warms up!



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Hi! I'm so sorry to hear of your trifecta of loss. HUGS. I lost 3 of 4 parents (in-laws included) in 18 monthes, afew years ago. Added to that, my nephew drowned and a close friend died. It was pretty rough. I joined a 'GriefShare' group and found it really helpful. I'm not sure where you are located but I know it is a national organization. It was so nice to be in a room with others who completely understood my pain! Healthful Chat was a 'go to' online chatroom, and you might like it, but I'd encourage you to physically present with others in a local meeting, too!

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