[OFF TOPIC] My Crash

[OFF TOPIC] My Crash

I managed to get my tracking company to send me the radar of my crash and when it happened. Just looking at it and the speed I was going at impact (67mph), it amazes me that I survived, let alone walked away and didn't even go hospital for a month... not a smart move I know.

I have had to crop out some details as it includes confidential information but from what I can show you can see, as I turn into the road, the first yellow marking is where I see the car swerve into my lane.. just after that, I slam my bike to the left but due to it being a 70mph road and both of us doing that speed, an impact was inevitable. Where the green marks are is where the impact happened at a combined speed of 114mph causing my bike and myself to get thrown to the left and it seeming my bike did a cartwheel as well... new feature for the spec list then, the bike can do acrobatics!

Somehow I came out uninjured and so did the bike (sort of!).


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  • TheInjuredBiker, you are truly a walking miracle. It amazes me as well that you were able to walk away from an impact like that. The scars may not be physical but apparently left a deep emotional one. I hope you overcome that with the help of your psychiatrist and of course the support from the forum

    Take care, stay safe, you are already strong :)

  • Hey Agora1, hope you're well! Same here! I have to see a GI doctor this month as they think there may be a minor underlying injury but other than that and a few bruises, completely uninjured. I put it down to wearing decent quality gear! Worth the money! But as you say, mentally it evidently has and still surprises me it has. I am trying to work out why but I don't think I will ever have the answer to that question.

    Thank you very much, and the same to you :)

  • Wow you were certainly blessed to not be physically injured. I'm afraid there is no escape psychologically unfortunately TheInjuredBiker Posting on here will help you and time will lessen the emotional pain like it does with everything

  • Thank you Satsuma! Indeed there is not. I am just taking each day as it comes currently until I get my treatment. I appreciate your response :)

  • I'm just so glad you are here and yes that's the best way to take it one day at a time :)

  • Thanks a lot Satsuma. I hope you're doing well? :)

  • I am doing well thankyou TheInjuredBiker

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