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Wisdom teeth removal being put under


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. But I recently found out I’ll have to be knocked out for my wisdom teeth removal. All of them are fully erupted and the oral surgeon said it will be a fast and simple surgery for him. I’m just so nervous to be put under for the first time never experienced something like that. So of course my anxiety is through the roof and I still have a week until the surgery. Anyone have advice? They gave me Valium to take an hour before the surgery so hopefully that will help with my nerves the day of.

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Hi Adamj, I wish I had a magic answer to help you through the waiting. It's always been the hardest for me as well. Try to think of all the positives in having this surgery done.

Wisdom teeth do not grow back lol

Your pain and problems will be gone

You're in the hands of an Oral Surgeon

You have a Valium to take the day of.

I tend to use YouTube to relieve my stress by Meditating and DeepBreathing. Doing this a couple times a day may help quiet your mind some while waiting.

I wish you the best. x

The HARDEST part of this is the night before, while you are nervous and getting OUT the door.

Once you are OUT the door and in the chair, you will not remember anything. I had dinner that night and was fine.

( most of us in the US have had it done, and all of us have survived )


Hi Adam. I had the same thing done and it's not a big deal. You won't remember anything but will wake up very groggy with a mouth full of gauze to help stop the bleeding. One piece of advice....do EXACTLY what the surgeon tells you for recovery and healing. Don't get dry sockets. I didn't have them but my daughter did because she didn't hold off on some of the dietary restrictions. To this day she tells everybody she knows the same. Follow instructions and you'll be fine.

Hi Adam. I'd been a dental phobic, since childhood. When I was told I'd need to have surgery to remove an impacted wisdom tooth, I was terrified. I used to weep, on the way to dentist appointment - only went when it was absolutely necessary, as a result. None of my family were available to drive me to the hospital - so I went on my own. I had surgery, the following morning, woke up around lunch time, was very hungry by teatime, so managed to eat some mashed potatoes and drink through a straw! I left hospital the next day, needed no further pain relief. Drove myself home, feeling very empowered by the courage I had mustered. The body heals well, and, as others have said, follow post op instructions and you'll have a good recovery. I wish you well.

Only advise I have is the fact that I have been told that I must get mines removed as well and be put under. And Like you I am very afraid of this. i have never been put to sleep or had to have any surgery ever. This will be my first time as well if I do this. I just asked my dentist yesterday was there any other option or way to get around having my wisdom teeth pulled and its not. But I wish you well and the best. Give updates if you can.

Wisdom tooth removal - I looked so cool for the week following due to the square jaw the swelling caused. Make sure u get photos.

So i survived and it went a lot better than I expected. Now it’s just waiting for the holes to heal.

Gosh I have to get all 4 of mine done on the 12th of this month.. I AM TERRIFIED. You’re not alone in this

Adamj in reply to rachel913

I had a problem of not believing people that I’d be okay. But trust the doctors, they do this multiple times a day they know what they’re doing. I went in almost crying cuz I was so scared and the next thing I knew the doctor was distracting me while putting the iv in and gave me the meds and I was out I woke up high as a kite and they took me to recovery and was feeling okay but tired. Just remember to listen to everything they tell you. Try and even do research on it. And being put under is really like falling asleep you don’t remember when you fall asleep you just wake up. Good Luck!!

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