What about my teeth?

I've been doing some research into my stomach problems that was diagnosed a few weeks back as ibs.... but I keep getting dizzy and fuzzy head and light headed and feel pretty rubbish 90% of the time, I've thought of the worst and anxiety is playing it's horrible part.... anyway I keep thinking maybe it's SIBO but I've just found some posts regarding a bad tooth/ infected tooth can cause almost exact symptoms, I have a cracked tooth that I have left as it had never really caused me any problems..... I'm now wondering if this is the problem i have..... off to the dentist asap and hopefully get closer to finding out why I keep feeling so light headed and sick, has anyone else had this? Thanks for reading my post


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  • I have just been reminded by my physical therapist doctor that my own dizziness and light headed-ness could be due to not enough water intake. Such a simple thing to forget to monitor because I was so busy! And it doesn't mean that some other problem doesn't co-exist with it such as: possibly some bacteria have taken up residence in the crack of the tooth you mention. It's a good idea that you have made the appointment to go to the dentist asap. I hope there is no infection for your sake.

  • Thanks for your reply, I have a physical job and drink lot of water during the day so I don't think it's that 😞

  • Nathsam46, how are you when at work? Wondering how you can handle a physical job feeling the way you do. Take care.

  • Yeh I'm ok I just get on with it and try and push through the light headed spells as the docs keep telling me it's all anxiety, it just starts from nowhere :( and thanks.

  • I do believe it's anxiety because I get the same dizzy spells are even feeling like am going to or fly off like a ballon it's like a chemical imbalance in are body best way to describe it that creates many symptoms that makes us go crazy I would say.

  • You could try acupressure wrist bands for the nausea...you have probably heard of them, mainly used for travel sickness.

    But they help as when I feel sick I panic, then my stomach churns, then I feel light headed, sometimes get a little heart flutter...it's so hard coping with it all the time, scary and draining.

    Again check out the vagus nerve!


  • I too believe that it is anxiety and little if anything to do with your teeth. You should give yourself a pat on the back to be able to work and keep your anxiety at bay, by pushing through it.

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