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Wisdom teeth

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I’ve 4 wisdom teeth. Two of them on the lower side are growing horizontally.

Horizontally impacted below the gums.

One dentist advised against taking them out as it was near a nerve.... as shown in an X-ray

I’ve had intermittent pain as I clench my teeth a lot and tend to grind them.

So I suppose when I’m Super anxious I end up hurting my teeth this way.

Thing is, the dentist was really distracted when he was talking to me and seemed to be in a hurry to get rid of me after his female colleague came (I was the last patient) so I am doubting his opinion.

Worst part is that I am really anxious about pain and blood and don’t know if I should pursue this and get a second opinion.

Truth be told, I am terrified of needles.

I had a heart Attack a couple of years ago and my fear of needles blood and Hospitals(not to mention it made my Anxiety issues worst) started there.

Has anyone out there have had the same situation with the teeth ? And if so did you take. The risk to take them out? Any feedback would be very helpful.


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All four of my wisdom teeth are the same as you described. My dentist, this was years ago, said the teeth weren't crowding my mouth and as long as I wasn't experiencing pain, the teeth were fine that way. They are still there. 🙃

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mutoli in reply to Robinrenae

That’s a relief 🧐😀

Thank you

Have them put you under ! Maybe that will help ,I been getting really painful needles ,and I still felt it !! Ouch ,so I said stop ..I need to be asleep I can still feel the pain with all that novocan! ! Everyone is different ! Try that ,your up n then zzzz all over ! Good luck

I had 2 impacted and 2 that were cut through. I had all 4 removed as I have a small mouth. They put me out for it and I never felt a thing. It honestly wasn’t that bad. The anticipation was the worst part.

Get the laughing gas first. Then have them knock you out. Works like a charm.

Thank you all. This really helps.

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Sandyxoxx in reply to mutoli

Your welcome ! Good luck . I don't think that use laughing gas anymore ,Ik not here

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mutoli in reply to Sandyxoxx

Thank you

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Sandyxoxx in reply to mutoli

Your welcome :-)

Hi there, I am sorry you are feeling this way I have anxiety around my teeth and a fear of the dentist so I have some understanding. All 4 of my teeth were impacted and they were painful. I don't recall there being any issues with nerves.

My dentist at time advised the teeth be removed as they had the potential to cause damage and they hurt. No way could I have had that done at the dentist! I went into hospital as a day case and they gave me a 'pre med' when I got there which totally calmed me down, I had a general anaesthetic, next thing I new I was waking up.

I know some people say it is painful afterwards but honestly I was fine, face a bit swollen, ate soft foods for a few days but other than that OK.

I don't know if that helps? Could it be worth seeking a second opinion if you are unsure?

Take care

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mutoli in reply to SarahJP7

Thank you. I just need to muster up the courage. Going under a GA scares me. I am grateful for the support.

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SarahJP7 in reply to mutoli

Hi there, how are you feeling today? I totally understand when you say that a GA scares you, for me the thought of being awake when they took the teeth out was worse, but that's specific to me and my wisdom teeth did have to come out.

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mutoli in reply to SarahJP7

Thank you for asking. Am better today. Hope the sun is shining on you :-)

I’m still holding on to my teeth lol

Hi mutoli, going with an Oral Surgeon has always been my #1 choice involving extractions. Well worth the extra cost as that is all they do day in and day out.

Good Luck. xx

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mutoli in reply to Agora1

Thanks. We have little choice where I’m from. But I will keep this in mind. Sound advice. Thank you for taking the time.

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Agora1 in reply to mutoli

Oh I understand, that it's not by choice but availability .

My oral surgeon is amazing. No matter how complicated the

tooth/teeth are out before I have a chance to say "I'm scared" :)

Wishing you well. xx

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mutoli in reply to Agora1

Thank you 🙂

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