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Wisdom Teeth Horror (need a bit of advice)

Ahhhh okay so, my dentist says I need to get my wisdom teeth removed. I can feel them coming in but they aren't causing any pain. Well he said they could damage my other teeth so I guess they need to go.

I'm not scared of the surgery itself at all. I've read the risks and such because I had to sign a form for the dentist. None of that scares me surprisingly.

I'm TERRIFIED of getting knocked out or getting laughing gas!! Seriously every time I think about them giving me laughing gas I have a panic attack. And they say you don't have to do either but they highly HIGHLY recommend it (its practically unheard of not to get it because its such a painful procedure). So I think I would rather have the laughing gas than be sedated because a. it's cheaper and b. i do not want to be completely unconscious under any circumstances except me sleeping at night haha.

The idea of being 'high' really freaks me out, because I already have derealisation and when it gets bad I have anxiety attacks and end up in the ER dying etc. So a complete loss of control of my mind like that is just so scary for me. And I've seen those viral videos of people freaking out after the dentist... if normal people freak out I can't even imagine what I will do. Part of me is afraid I'll have a reaction to it and die, part of me is afraid I'll start having a panic attack mid-operation, and part of me is afraid i'll embarrass myself somehow.

I just don't want to be high! Basically I need to be in complete control of my mind all the time, otherwise I think I'm about to go crazy and die. Has anybody else been through this? Everyone I've talked to says they don't even remember getting it done but the idea of blacking out the whole thing scares me just as much! What should I do?? Should I keep them in forever and sacrifice my teeth or should I remove them? Think of it from the wisdom teeth's perspective.. they're just growing in to help me chew.... :'-(

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I've had sedation at least 15 times now would much prefer it it's each to here own and we all have diff opinions but sedation doesn't put you to sleep it's just a drunk feeling that passes very quickly have you ever had it ?


I had it once when I was 5 with pneumonia, but I don't remember it. 15 times?? You've never had a bad experience with it?


At least if not more all for dental work too I've never had a bad time with it I quite like it 😂


Hello :-)

All my kids who are now all adults ended up having some wisdom teeth out and none of them had any bother and personally I would not put all my other teeth at risk for some wisdom teeth that we don't actually need ( not sure why we were created to have them the fact we don't need them ) so yes if the dentist is warning you it will affect your other teeth then be " Gone with the Wisdom teeth -D "

Now I know one of mine just had the numbness and one had sedation I think it is a personally choice , how many you are having out and how big they are and so on that you might make the choice which to have done

When situations arise and we have anxiety it is the scenario we build up in our heads that is actually the bit that frightens us as we always make it so much worse and then when we actually do whatever we are fearing 9/10 we are fine :-)

Is there an option that you could try numbness of the gums and then if you cannot tolerate it they use the laughing gas ?

I would speak with them , tell them all your fears , be open and honest with them so they know what they are dealing with and I am sue they will take good care of you :-)

Let us know how you get on and what you went with when you actually have it done and in the meanwhile try telling yourself that you will think about it when you have to but for today you don't have to because you are not having it done , that way it might help you to stop making these fearful scenarios appear :-)

Good Luck :-)

Take Care x

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I was given a drink 20 mins before the procedure it was fantastic just made me feel lovely and relaxed was awake never felt a thing They will look after you you aren't alone and it's so common

Good luck x

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Hi someone5673, I see an oral surgeon for extractions. No sedation because like you I don't want to be put out and I don't want to feel woozy. I would be afraid of embarrassing myself. I want to walk in on my own and walk out on my own. I need Carbo which is an anesthetic w/o the epinephrine (which speeds my heart) Carbo is good for me except doesn't last long and some pain can be felt. This is an individual decision and may not be the best, but it works for me. Next Friday I will be having oral surgery. Good Luck in whatever way you choose. xx

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