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When you have anxiety, it can keep you in your head with thoughts that you dwell on over and over. This is my experience and one thing that helps me is to talk about how i am feeling, thoughts i am thinking and worries that rumunate. I worry a lot about physical symptoms and i know this sounds ridiculous but they become my focus. For several months now i hear my pulse in my right ear and worry. It bothers more at night and is better during the day as other noise drowns it out. I saw my doctor a few days ago, i am always nervous when i go and my blood pressure was on the high side and pulse 110. My doctor is not concerned, she had changed a med awhile back to help BP and i came for a nurse check and it was perfect. She is very reassuring and said she thinks i am doing great. But still i have worries and i want to check my pulse but i do not because constant checking is not good for me. My docor offered to refer me to an ENT doctor for my ear or to order a CT scan, not because she felt it was warranted but to give me options. I opted to not do anything but to stay on a course of flonase and allegra for allergies as i feel this might be causing my problem and feels like I can’t clear my ears. You see, i can easily go down a rabbit hole of testing and don’t want to go to that place as it only addsto my anxiety. I say all this because it gets my thoughts out of my head and in a small way it helps. This is a form of journaling for me and if you are reading this, thank you for hearing me and helping me get through and on with my day. I am grateful for this forum.

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Hello Cjonesabq

I can really recommend Dr Claire Weekes books they are very reassuring

She teaches how to stop "tuning in " in to your body and let it just go on without paying any attention

Cjonesabq in reply to Cat33

I love Clare Weekes books, they are a great help and comfort.

I just want you to know that your not alone each andeveryone on this forum can take a bit of what your saying as we all experience Anxiety,personified and it does affect us physically, in certain ways and the repetitive thoughts ...Dr Claire weeks explains to let the nerves an feelings accompanied with anxiety to flow over the top of our heads,its a process that requires belief and to get our minds in a state of relaxation.....and as Cat states by not paying too much attention-----it does help and I hope that anyone on this cite can take something positive from us victims,hoping that we can continue to help each other when things become overwhelming.

What really helped me was educating myself as much as I could about anxiety disorder. When i understood that the ruminating (anxiety overthinking) is just a false belief we have about trying to stay in control and avoid our real feelings (fear, anger, grief, etc...) it started to make sense as to why I was doing it. It also helped when i realized that it can become a habit. Journaling without overthinking and editing helped me, just letting whatever comes up get out and written down. Another thing was just sitting, like meditating, and let whatever came up mentally to come and go. I found that the wisdom of the 12-step program was really true - (paraphrased): grant me the wisdom to change what I can and accept what I can't. What I realized for me was that the anxiety was what was tormenting me - the acceptance of the actual feelings of fear, anger, shame, etc... were no big deal in that context.

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