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I need someone to just talk to :-(

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Ok so I'm 30 years old and I have been suffering anxiety for 16 years.

I've been proscribed propanalol but I'm too scared to take it.

Has anyone ever noticed that you wake up around the same time very night with your heart pounding and generally feeling shocking.

Has anyone ever used alcohol to calm down as I feel it's the only thing that will calm me down full but I don't want to use the alcohol no more because I find my self drinking at odd hours and then that can become a problem.

Any advice would be great.

Thank you

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I have had anxiety since 2006 but it comes n goes been ill with the anxiety since October and my heart is acting up... Palpitations like 4 times a day i feel anxious like im going to die!! Is the worst

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JamieW84 in reply to Lizzette

I'm the same I've even had spells of upto 9 month with out anxiety then boom all of a sudden it's hits you. Have you done anything to calm down the rapid heartbeat as that's what scares me most. I've tried relaxing music and it works to an extent but it doesn't stop what your heads telling you.

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england in reply to JamieW84

Yer iv dun that with the music carms you a bit not a nuff to sleep tho

I'm 30 and have had my issues with anxiety off and on in the past. Mostly, my issue is spells of hyperventilation which feels like difficulty breathing, even though I am in fact getting enough air...it's all a weird head trick. Anyway, I have tried propranolol in the past and it does lower your heart rate, but I didn't find it to be all that effective for relieving my anxiety. Valium on the other hand works absolute wonders! (And so do other benzo's like Ativan, etc, but they can be habit forming and should only be taken in absolute emergencies.) I seldom suffer from anxiety attacks anymore though because after trying everything else (yes, even alcohol) I just turned to a holistic approach...that is, I started paying a lot more attention to my diet and health habits. Be sure you're getting enough magnesium in your diet. Magnesium is nature's "chill pill" and helps muscles to relax...it's also good for eliminating heart palpitations! Also, I make sure to get plenty of water, because as simple as that sounds, a well hydrated body can relax more easily. I also exercise at the gym 5 days a week because exercise releases feel good hormones like endorphins and neutralizes stress hormones. These simple measures have made a world of difference for me! I even tried antidepressants, but the natural approach I find works much better. Also, avoid caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, because those substances increase nasty stress chemicals in your body and can bring on a panic attack, and alcohol depletes your body of both water and magnesium...both of which are essential to feeling relaxed! I hope this helps at least a little bit. Best of luck to you!

Yah try not to do the alcohol everynight please try

Bach rescue remedy liquid melts before bed and you can also try valerian root.

I feel your pain!! Hope you get better

Thanks guys means a lot to know I'm not alone

I was scared to take any meds, but they changed my life and gave me breathing space to get better......I waited 30yrs.....

And taking alcohol to calm down is a no..no. You will then relate alchohol =calm and addiction begins....take care and take doctors advise......

The doctor told me to come off the alcohol slowly and start taking the meds he's prescribed.

Wish me luck in about to take my first one and I am nervous

Hi there. alcohol, as much as it may make you feel calmer at the time, won't help in the long run cos it makes your anxiety worse (I'm speaking from experience). Please dont be frightened to take your propranalol. I started off on 40 mg propranalol and now I'm taking 160mg daily and it really makes a difference. Your doctor prescribed it for you to take so dont worry and just to have that feeling of calm when your hearts been pounding through your chest is just lovely. I'm sure if you take them as prescribed you will soon start to feel the benefit of them, but try to avoid alcohol. Let us know how you get on with it. Take care and hope you start to feel less anxious soon x

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mdaymm in reply to mellylou

why don't you try phoning the Silverline, its a chat line invented by

Esther Ranzen, Its open 24 hours a day, tel, no, is 08004708090, they are a wonderful group of people and very helpful on all topics, Good Luck, mdaymm

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JamieW84 in reply to mellylou

I've had a drink already today can I take propanalol after a drink

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mellylou in reply to JamieW84

Hi there, I would try to stay off the alcohol if you can, I think it's got something to do with alcohol lowering blood pressure as do propranalol so go careful. (I'm no gp though). I've had a couple of glasses of wine whilst taking propranalol and felt rubbish but I'm also on citalopram and naproxen so I can't really blame just propranalol. Just take care, we're all different and things can affect us in different ways. X

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Susa15 in reply to JamieW84

Do not drink

Yeah, magnesium is very important to the proper functioning of muscles...without it, muscles would be in a constant state of contraction! You can read more about it on-line which would probably give you more in-depth info than I could.


Alcohol is not recommended as it is a stimulant and though stating that it causes anxiety is incorrect, it stimulates the body which in turn increases anxiety symptoms. So do not be alarmed that if after consuming alcohol, your symptoms increase. It's not recommended in the same way sugar and caffeine are not recommended. All three are stimulants.

You ok ? Feel free to talk anytime

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