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Please can someone talk to me and tell me to get a grip of myself. I am really struggling with life at the moment due to my aniexty.

My symptons are as followed

Chest pain like a dull ache near the collarbone area, a constant ringing in the ear, hot flushes across ny cheeks under my eyes, a wierd tingling feeling in my face, I have had these now for more than 6 months. Ive had chest xrays and bloods done all back clear and the drs say on each visit its aniexty. The pains are there when i wake and there when i go to bed. I can't help but keep reading on google and thinking the worse, cancer etc that i convince myself I have I'm going to die, my life is a complete mess and I dont know how to cope anymore. My partner has been supportive as best she can but dosent understand it I dont think. I'm on citalopram 10mg a day. I started in them 4 months ago then stopped taking them for a few weeks and re started taking them 12 days ago. Please can people share there symptons are help me.

Thanks Michael x


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  • Hi Michael, first of STOP googling that is the worse thing you can do believe me been there done that , but I've stopped I was driving myself mad doing it...second you should not of come off meds as soon as you feel better without consulting your doctor , were you having therapy as well ?? As for you its sounds that would be the best for you it really does help.. I was on them meds for two weeks but was only on 5mg and I just didn't want to take them anymore so doctor told me to stop , I was coping fine through meditation , exercise, eating healthy these 3 really help so if your not doing , you should... You just have to believe your doctor it's all anxiety 'its hard I know' but they know what there talking about.. And just keep trying to think positive , you will get through this believe me I've felt so bad I thought I was going to loose my mind I was so scared , but now I realize its all in the mind and anxiety can cause so many different symptoms , Amazon have brilliant books on anxiety well worth a read I've just finished one called 'Dare' worth the read, good luck!!

  • Hi Michael, my personal experience of a/ds is that at first you feel worse at first before you feel better!

    I understand why you may have stopped taking them as I've also been there too! But you've put yourself through it twice. You may need to carry on taking them as they are helping you.

    Another thing that has helped me immensely is mindfulness and meditation. It calms me down.pads of books on it xxxx

  • hi there many i say that what you have got is Anxiety, one thing can i make a suggestion, i know this might sound daft but it worked for me, and that is stop thinking about what's happening try and concentrate your mind on something that take your mind off your problems it won't cure them but it might stop the ringing has for the pain have you got any tablets for that, i hope this helps it did me i stopped thinking about how much my head was hurting, has soon has i stopped thinking about it the pain was less and my thinking straight became clearer take care Alan

  • hi michaeal...

    I think should not worry about..these are just panic or anxiety attacks..never leave the tablets in the middle and start it again..

    I am suffering with epilepsy and was on carbamazepine and left it abruptly in the middle as it didn't agree with me body..i had whoosh feeling as I was going to die...strange sensations that I was even unable to speak...but this happened to me because of stopping the tablets in the middle. ...

    furthermore try to talk to your partner when u feel low...don't sit alone during this will be fine and think always you are in control of these attacks and they will not harm you...stay strong

  • I can relate to all the symptoms you get although mine are a bit different. One thing I will say is that if these symptoms were a sign of a physical illness , they would have changed in six months and probably got far worse. It may help to split the actual physical symptoms and try and separate them from the "feelings" they give you. On their own, physical symptoms are not bad, it's how they make you feel that does the damage. Feelings ( emotional ideas you give the symptoms) are what is scary, but they are only feelings and can't cause physical damage.

    Please don't try to get a grip, it's the worst thing, maybe just let these feelings be and accept them for what they are for now till the meds kick in again.

    I know that this is easy to say - believe me I know that. You've had lots of good advice already. Look after yourself Wendy

  • I know you are probably tired of hearing this, but I have experienced the same symptoms as you and I have been told each time that it's anxiety. It's really uncomfortable to deal with on a regular basis, but it just takes time and positive thinking to overcome it. Don't get me wrong. I still have physical symptoms, but the more you give in, the worse they become or you will start finding other thing wrong with your body. Anxiety likes to keep the mind in fight mode and when you start getting calm, other symptoms appear. You really need to recognize these symptoms as anxiety. I have had multiple tests done too and they have all come back normal. You are definetely not in this struggle alone . It takes a lot of mental training. You can overcome it =)

  • Michael please phone your gp today and get an emergency appointment! They may give you something to calm you down when ur finding it difficult to cope! There is life at the end of this! It does get easier to manage! Don't google stay away from it! Also what is it you think you have with pain under your collar bone? And the flushes...? Just interested. hope your feeling a bit better today x

  • I cant help but think I have cancer of some sort and I'm going to die. I'm counting down the mins to phone my doctor

  • It's horrible cause you can not think rationally when ur head is like this! Has something triggered these dying feelings? Do you work? Sorry dont answer if you don't want to! Have you read any self help books? It sounds like you would benefit from CBT therapy ask ur gp to refer you today! it's easy for me to advise you when I'm not in the "zone" myself but believe me when I say I know how frightening it is to believe you have a life threatening illness...... Everything is going to be fine your in your early 30's it's rare your going to have cancer..... Having a stroke.... Heart attack..... This journey is going to be tough really tough but you learn to mentally deal and get on with it.... Everyday is a constant battle with anxiety. I try and think well I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet..... So I'm going to take today by the balls and enjoy it!! You will get there! Your mind needs re-training and CBT therapy will help!!! Your going to be fine!!! Xxxx

  • Hi, yes i work full time. I had to have 3 weeks off sick a couple of months ago. I find it hard to believe that the pain Im having which is very real is all down to aniexty. The pains started before i was thinkng that i'm dying. This might sound daft but I'm not aware what CBT is. X

  • Ok right let's try and separate the symptoms cause they don't sound related. Chest pain...... As I am a coronary care nurse I associate chest pain as pain in the middle on the chest/back that could radiate to the left arm and jaw. yours you say is in your collar bone.... I presume you have had it for a while? If you have and it was chest pain from the heart it would have been picked up by now.... U wouldn't of been able to stay at home ....As for cancer...... Cancer of what? Bone cancer..... Ud have more symptoms by now. Stroke...... Again more symptoms. ringing in ears could be tinnitus...... flushes....... Could be a number of things...... But to be honest I get them too. Would you feel better if you had a full body scan..... What do you think would help ease your mind? CBT is cognitive behavioural helps you recognise negative thought processes and stop them and ways to deal and stop the negative thoughts..... It doesn't sound stupid that u don't know what it is.....I've had friends that have had and stuff.

    All I can advise really is don't let it make u give up work and stuff..... Keep busy!!! Xx

  • Yes the pain in my collarbone has been for 6 months now. I keep thinking lung cancer. I am a smoker (i know its bad and have tried to quit). I don't know what it will take for me to get back to normal

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