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CBT Books for Anxiety

I found a CBT audiobook at the library and I wonder if anyone has any experience with it. I put it on hold and I am hold #83 so I have a while to wait

It's called "Retrain Your Brain in 7 weeks"

Anyone used it before?

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Hi danielabella759, I've not had direct experience, but I'd like to share what I did to help me - might be something you could consider until the book comes free.

Quick story, I had high anxiety and IBS. I went to see a guy who changed my life. He has a site which offers a free download of his anxiety audio program, I've not used it as I saw him in person. I have no connection other than he changed things so much for me. The website is patientsonly.org it's in the free stuff section. Hope things improve for you.




where are you located? What was it that he/they did that changed your life?


Hi Indigojoe,

I'm in Lancashire , he is in Cheshire. He took time to listen, and for my anxiety he explained the mind body connection, every thought has a physical reaction, both on a conscious and subconscious level. He answered loads of questions, explained how I could learn to control my Anxiety with changing my thoughts and expectations. I loved his explanation of how we use emotional energy, how we often waste it and what happens when we do. After my meetings with him, it all seemed to make sense, he used imagery suggestion and metaphor as far as I can make out. My Anxiety symptoms are hugely reduced, my emotional take on life is better, my wife loves him :) and the great thing, I could sit and talk easily to him. His name is micheal Mahoney and he changed my life. Wish I'd met him years ago - but when I said that he simply said I might not have been ready then so don't beat myself up over it, which was great advice. Anyway hope this helps.




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There are 3 options that are similar on youtube. One is a guy who was part of this forum a few years ago.

He wrote:

retrain your brain (audiobook)

by The Anxiety Guy.

You can listen to the one above this one and the one below this one on Youtube if you want to get started on something while you wait from the one from the library.



I haven’t listened to it or read it but sounds like something I would like to get my hands on.


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