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Hi ppl i suffer with anxiety and currently take sertraline.. i recently started CBT and just wante to give people a lil help.. type north hummberland tyne and wear self help in google and click i believe the first link..if corret it will bring up a load of self help books free to read or listen toonline! One on anxiety and social anxiety has opened my eyes to the vicious circles we put our self in!! Seek the help people!! It is there!! Good luck :)

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  • has the sertraline worked for you? I've been given them off doctor but terrified to take them as I've read so many bad side effects. Doctors have prescribed me 50mg but do u think I could half it with me being anxious about taking it

  • Hi I was put on sertraline approx 18 months ago started on 50 then put up to 100mg after a few weeks., I have never felt so good ., I was on velnalfaxine prior to this & I was always up & down., please try it I am so glad I did ., anxiety ruled me but not anymore., I also take magnesium & stopped alcohol ., plus make sure you take b complex vitamins for the nervous system ., & eat healthy as poss.,

    Hope they work for you don't be scared the doc would not have given them to you if he didn't think they would work🤞

  • Im on the 50s too and tbh before hand i was scared even to walk to shop! But id say they help..sure they take a few weeks to kick and i did have mega head aches too but them seem to be subsiding now! Id deffo start takin them tho! N if you have the side effects then simply stop taking them.and go back to doctors and see what other optuons are avaliable. Do you have therapy or anything? It is worth while doing! I have cbt and it seems to be working wonders!

  • I have cbt over the phone for 30mins each Wednesday but it's not really working for me and she says it's my last appointment over the phone tomorrow and she's going to sign me off but I defo need more counselling. Everyone is telling me to take the tablets as I've suffered with this anxiety for too long (a year with trying to do it myself) and it's just got worse so think I might need this medication to give me a push. Some ppl say meds are no good and to just do it on ya own but sometimes it just goes too far and we need these meds to help us. Wish I could turn bk time and be bk to my normal happy self again and have happy times with my family

  • Dont be scared to take them! Im the sorta person who dont like anything chemical but iv made the step! Im surprised you have CBT over the phone as going to these appointmenys face to face help get you out your comfort zone and sorta retrain your mind! Which is amazingly helpful! Dwelling on the past could be making your anxiety worse.. is there anyway you could do CBT face to face? As im sure it would make a massive difference! But i can understand it if its been outside that bothers you as i dint drive and when i get on buses i feel like im going to die lol. Can they end therapy if the cbt you been having hasnt helped?

  • I'm going to ask tomorrow if I can have one to one sessions and see what she says. I do honestly think I need medication aswell as counselling. Did u feel drowsy on the tablets? I'm so worried that I'm not going to function properly and not be able to look after my children properly if I take the tablets. Wish I was strong enough to swallow the god damn pill right now

  • No i dont get drowsy the most i get is headaches n muscle pains!! Ypu are strong enough! Dont let your mind win!! Keep us updated!!

  • How did you get on, are you having one to one sessions now? :)

  • Thanks Hun will look x

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