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Citalopram for anxiety


Hello everyone I’ve been at my GP today as I sufffer from extreme Anxiety and have been giving 20mg of Citalopram, has anyone else been giving this to treat Anxiety? And if so how you felt with it?

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Hi Padayn

I also suffer from anxiety. I was diagnosed 21 months ago. It is frightening to go through this and starting antidepressants is also very scary.

I was put on Velafaxine, similar but not the same as your antidepressant and I found the first few weeks very difficult as it increased the anxiety at first. I very nearly gave up but am so glad that I didn't as it has got me almost fully back to normal. I never feel anxious these days unless with good cause. It took about 4 months to feel myself again and after 3 dose increases and 1 year on medication I am fully recovered apart from minor symptoms usually in the mornings and lead a very fulfilling life.

It is also important to be patient and set yourself little challenges each day. Try not to be afraid of the symptoms, just ignore them and get on with life

Hang on in there,

Very best wishes.


Padayn01 in reply to Kkimm

Thanks Kim I fully appricate your reply, I have been suffering with Anxiety for almost 15 years but in October last year it got the worst ever never did I though it will get so bad, just don’t really want to take pills trying all sorts of alternative methods such as homeopathic, herbal and acupuncture glad your getting back to normal

Kkimm in reply to Padayn01

So pleased it helped. Most people need medication to help with anxiety so do not feel bad about having to take it. It may make you feel sick at first but do not worry, that will pass in a few days.

Do feel free to message me if ever you need reassurance. We all need support and encouragement as often our families do not understand what we are going through.

You have suffered a long time but with your medication you will be able to get better.

I wish you well.


Padayn01 in reply to Kkimm

Kim that means a lot to me many thanks


I just got my dosage of Citalopram upped from 10 mg to 20 mg and I’ve only been on it for a few days, hoping it will help once it starts to kick in in my body. Right now I’m still feeling anxious and depressed, but not as bad as I did. The anxiety is definitely still around, though. I’m hoping to god that it works.

Please let me know how you get on I’m still haven’t started to take my first one yet, many thanks for your message


It will take time, it will take a few weeks or months to take full effect but it will work. It is a very good sign that you have felt anything positive yet. It took four months for me, then a year and a couple of dose increases of Venlafaxine to feel back to normal completely and even then a few minor symptoms linger now and then.

Very best wishes to you and Nicky.


Padayn01 in reply to Kkimm

Thank you so much Kim x

I don’t mean to slash anyone’s hopes but this type of drug isn’t really proven to be much use for anxiety.

Anxiety is caused by over stimulated senses and sensations that’s usually triggered by health worries or emotions or some other form of fear or phobia.

Whilst this drug will have limited side effects it’s effects are purely to increase serotonin levels and blocks certain cells from functioning at an over stimulated level.

Trying a drug such as propranolol would be recommended as it had no neurological effects what so ever and simply just slows your heart rate to a ore anxiety state. This drug can be taken as and when you feel anxious or on a regular basis with very very minimal side effects.

Drugs such as the ones your suggesting purely mask the problem rather than Cure it.

I’m sorry if this is a little negative but I’m talking from my personal experiences and much research.

Padayn01 in reply to Nobster

Very good information thanks a million for this can I just ask you another question have you heard that the drug interferes the electricity signals in your heart? I hear it can when taking with other medications

Nobster in reply to Padayn01

Which drug are you referring to ?

Padayn01 in reply to Nobster


Nobster in reply to Padayn01

Citalooram alters cells produced by the brain and in turn yes can effect the electrical system. Serotonin is a vital hormone to the body that can cause various problems when interferes with.

Propanol however is a beta blocker and works by reducing the load on the heart caused by excessive adrenaline pumping etc.

Most drugs do interact with each other. For example taking ibuprofen will effect most medications as it effects the absorption of them through the stomach tissues into blood streams etc.

What’s the reason for you being prescribed these drugs ?

Nobster in reply to Nobster

When people are depressed then any antidepressant drug is surely helpful in some respects but when one is just anxious altering the brains natural production of hormones and cells surely can never be a good thing.

Simply calming down your body and preventing the adrenaline rush I would say would be most helpful with anxiety.

Anti depressants provide many people with a much needed mood elevation whilst anxiety sufferers Purely need to try and relax the body and mind.

Padayn01 in reply to Nobster

For my anxiety I suffer with it really bad but I’m also in Bisraprol to treat my SVT I had back in December is that similar to propanorol?

Bisrapol is a medication used for a targeted or particular problem and works slightly different to proanolol. The medication your referring to is used mostly to treat heart disease and or high blood pressure which is a common cause of SVT.

Propranolol is an all round safe drug that’s used for multiple things such as : anxiety , blood pressure , strokes , tremor , heart palpitations , heart disease etc etc. So as you can see as it’s good for most anxiety symptoms is a very good all rounder when used at small doses. Higher doses will target more real conditions such as high blood pressure and for preventing strokes etc.

I’m not a medical professional so I wouldn’t like to advise on stopping one for the other but SVT is very Very common with anxiety and adrenaline Increase so in my opinion reducing the anxiety will in turn reduce your SVT unless it’s caused by an underlying condition.

Short answer : Yes they are both from the same family of beta blockers but work in slightly different ways.

Padayn01 in reply to Nobster

Thank you so much for this I fully appricate it

Nobster in reply to Padayn01

Anytime. It will be me needing advise soon when I get my next debilitating symptom of this dreaded anxiety.

As you’ll see On here most people live with the same symptoms and worries as each other.

Good luck and hope you find the right fix. But please speak to your doctor and consider if the meds your suggesting are right for you.

Padayn01 in reply to Nobster

Thanks for this, yeah my anxiety been dreadful really only want to take a pills as a last option I try alternatives such as herbal homeopathic and acupuncture such a long process this anxiety I hate it

Tyson1-3 in reply to Nobster

Hi you sound pretty clued up on meds and seem more reassuring than gps as they rush u out the door

If you can check my profile and what I am going through would be grt

Long story short I have always been on citrapram yrs but couple yrs ago I woke to a massive panic attack I was on 40mg

Anyway in those two yrs they changed me to sertraline which didn’t help now on diazepam 1mg a day and citrapram again10mg

I feel sooo low and anxious 24/7

They have offered me mitzapine 15mg

Any advice as I have lost weight and severe night sweats plus anxious all the time

Would welcome your advice on these x

Padayn01 in reply to Tyson1-3

Yeah no problem, the way to try and tackle these dreadful panic attacks was to totally switch my diet around to more plant based diet and do deep breathing excercise every morning, also use essential oils I have a kinga so use an oil diffuser for my bedroom, the natural way will take time but you have to be persistent with it don’t give up it takes time, I found anti depressants made me worse

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