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thinking all the time?


what can i do everytime i try to sleep i just think about thing that hasn't happened or stuff i gotta do? i also think the worse on everything.

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HI Get out a notebook and pen and start writing down everything you are thinking about. It should all go away after that.

i'll try anything ty

Crystal74 in reply to Indigojoe

I know how this feels, At first I’d watch TV at night to distract me. I’d turn on the closed captioning so I could turn the sound off. Then I started to read, but I hated juggling the reading light. Then I used a tablet to read, which is better. Now I try to make that list before I go to bed -so I know what I need to do in the AM - and when I wake up, have a time limit on my tablet, and then play relaxing music at a low volume on my phone app, like spa type music. The music seems to turn down the thoughts and distract me a bit besides calming me. I like nature sounds and Native American flute music. Another station might be called something like ambient music or calm. And like meditation, don’t get upset by catching yourself thinking, just recognize you're doing it, and redirect yourself back to thinking calm thoughts or even meditating on a mantra type,word —sleep or calm or peace. Thats why counting is supposed to work, it keep your thoughts from flooding your brain. Focusing on a mantra type word of affirmation — a nice calming phrase or quote, even a Bible saying — fills your brain. That’s another reason the Rosary or prayer works. I haven’t conquered the mid night waking and my physical causes, but I manage it.

I understand you completely. And its like its worse when you are trying to lay down to get sleep or rest. The contant thoughts. It keeps me from sleeping. No peace. I keep thinking far ahead and keep thinking about my past.

me too , if i wrote things down i be up all night. go to bed tired and wake up tired it sucks just didn't know if anybody had any sugguestions of how to shut my mind down some. i take a lorzpam 1 mg at night help me get to sleep but not stay asleep for more then a few hrs.

Yes, I am exactly the same....... I go through past conversations in my head and I rehearse what I'm going to say the next time I see someone especially if there's been some sort of confrontation with someone previously....... I also worry about things that have not happened yet.

Writing things down on paper or on my computer and storing them in a file tends to help lessen the repetitive reoccurrence of these things

I'm taking Mirtazapine at night and I find this knocks me out for at least 5 hours so I do manage to get some sleep at night.

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