Always thinking the worst

I realize that I see the glass half empty. I always think the worst of any and most situations.. I don't think I was always this way. I eventually became this way because of the people around me and my life experiences growing up. Nevertheless, I really struggle with my thoughts. Sometimes, my thoughts are so obessive to the point I feel as though they are being put in my mind by something else. Every little pain, pressure, tightness, tingling, stiffness, bulging, anything, anything at all, I think something is wrong. But is there something really wrong with me? If there is nothing really wrong with me then why do I feel All these physical syptoms? I sooo badly want to be normal. I sooo badly want to be free


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  • Omg reading this feels like I wrote it. This is my life. 😔

  • I was a lot like you - Yes, it does effect how you think and feel when you are around negative people and was raised by negative dysfunctional parents. But it doesn't have to stay that way. You can learn to stop those negative thoughts. You can choose not to speak with others who only bring down or scare you when you confide in them your symptoms. I had friends that did that to me. I didn't need that so I cut them out of my life and only had friends who truly cared about me.

    Also you maybe depressed which can cause negative feelings causing you to become anxious and afraid only to exacerbate every scary symptom you have.

    Make an appointment to your GP and speak with him or her and maybe he or she can refer you to a therapist or even a psychiatrist. You can be helped and feel so much better. I did and I had severe anxiety and depression . Please be positive and be hopeful, it so makes a difference - A huge difference !!! Don't loss sight of becoming well and happy . I can't express that enough. Being scared and upset only makes you feel so much worse . There is so much help out there for you to get better and stay feeling well and become free of what you are feeling. Hang on to that hope because it's true !!

    Being positive can be a life saver. Don't be dragged down by others either, some people like to see others down. Tell your self over and over when those nasty thoughts that invade your mind- They are only tricks from residual old negative thought patterns that want to keep you feeling sick - Fight back and Keep telling yourself. " I am healthy and whole "

    You can make your own reality. You will get better - you will get better


  • Hi, those pains that you are feeling are probably caused by Anxiety/Stress, from thinking negative. I as well am guilty always thinking the worst. I do have panic anxiety disorder and depression and Ptsd. Stress will give you physical symptoms to such as aches and pains, nausea anything. I feel so bad for you but this is the place to come to lots of support😊 Have you talked to your Dr. about how your feeling? Keep in touch I know it's hard but try thinking positive and surround yourself with happy positive people😊 Good luck

  • I feel the same way, I hate the saying "it's l in your head" bs. I physically feel these symptoms 😡 But yet dr's say every test is normal, I'm so worn out feeling like this, I don't enjoy anything anymore, I have to force myself to get out😕 All I know is that I want my life back🙏🏻

  • Hi alan here I was the same feeling every ache and pain thinking the worst try to b positive 99.9 it's in our head so keep active and don't Google any symtoms u will always find the worst scenirio. Here 4 u.

  • I have more pain at night when I am trying to sleep. I fall asleep quickly, just to wake up a couple hours later with pain and being warm. Then my brain goes elsewhere, and am awake the rest of the night. And for sure do not google anything, it only makes things so much worse, and gives you outcome. Don't know why its worse at night.

  • alan 1010, I believe this is how all my anxiety started. I googled something and went downhill from there. Every little ache and pain I get, I think I am going to die. Want my life back.

  • I feel the exact same way. I'm so lost angry and miserable. I know exactly how you feel. I'm literally tortured.

  • I also feel physical syptoms when I'm anxious, and feels like I'm really sick, but i'm not, and I know that because in the moment that I relax, every syptoms goes away and I feel normal again. So the sickness is only in your mind, is the ansiety talking, you're actually OK

  • Alan here it's a big part 2 realise most of it is in r head if u can stay active and positive it overcomes the negative thoughts. Try reading listen 2 music or exercise it really helps

  • As I was riding in my car this morning, I was talking to my daughter about this. I have struggle with this also because of stuff that happened when I was 9 years old. I feel that part of our emotions are 10% physical because of our low brain cell production serotonin and 90% because of our thought pattern. I think that we all share some of the type A personality traits, which make us more prone to stress-related illnesses. I deal with anxiety on a daily basis and sometimes it can feel debilitating, but I try to keep in control my thoughts, by not allowing to let the negative or catastrophic thought dwell in my mind for too long. If you want to live a quality of life, you need to come up with strategies to eradicate those thoughts that are eating you up. Believe me, it is not easy, but you can do it one thought at a time. If I'm able to conquer my negatives thoughts in a day, I feel empowered, knowing that I can do this everyday, just one thought a time.

    Take care.

  • I understand. After you've had a physical and know you are physically well, focus on that. See a therapist. Someone posted something like this "Letting go of what you think people's judgements of you are will also take a lot of pressure off your shoulders trying to please them." Do not let people or your past define who you are. I too had symptoms of illnesses that were detected. Now that I've had another MRI and I know I don't have a tumor or anything wrong with my brain, I know it's mental. Now I am working on not letting people or situation stress me. Know why? People act out of who they are; they have issues within themselves and can attempt to make you feel badly about yourself because they emotional warped. The best thing is to ignore them, be kind, focus on seeing the positive in every situation. Nothing happens unless God allows it. Ask what do You want me to learn from my situation? Hope you will began to see the world in a different light soon. It's not all bad, you know? Focus on the good things in your life.

  • I am going to let you know something that there is NOTHING wrong with you. Its the neural pathways in your brain that focus on the negative to try and protect you from nothing in a sense. Anxiety is just a thought that you can either let control your feelings or not. My thing is I have anxiety via relationships and I can let it control my feelings well but when It comes up I actually say out loud F you anxiety with a strong voice! I am not going to let you control my life, my one life I get to live, that I was given I will NOT let it control me and I will be happy. It isn't an easy fix it is like you have to be strong enough to constantly have positive reinforcement on yourself and only YOU can control what you feel. Biggest thing is to take a deep breath and just focus on breathing. Don't focus on anything else because what people like us tend to do with anxiety is pick things apart so we can understand what is going on and fix it. But we can't do that. It is more us regaining our strength and confidence in ourselves. Realizing whatever happens we cannot be prepared for, we cannot constantly be trying to prepare ourselves for the worse or for whatever may or may not happen. You are feeling these symptoms because "Your brain, however, will subconsciously want the “negative reinforcement” because its neural pathways are vying for the same to sustain themselves" and that is how it feeds off of it. It is like you are feeding the anxiety because your brain is relying on the negative thoughts and that is feeding your anxiety and letting it get stronger and take control. Don't let it! You are strong and you can do this. Even telling yourself that every day, I am strong I can do this..may not seem like much but constantly saying it you will start to feel it. If you read about my anxiety you can see how many shapes and forms it comes in and realize you are not alone :)

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