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Overthinking all the time!?


I'm always overthinking :(

About any little thing , it's bad anxiety. Ever since I also had my baby I've been also worried about any little thing she does too . I'm always worrying like what if I die one day and leave her and she won't have a mom no more or that something is wrong with me or I'm just crazy . I hate this over thinking anxiety! , I'm worried about everything :(

When my lower abdomen hurts I always over think like what if it's soemthing bad & I always think I need to go get checked . It's like Heath anxiety:( ugh I don't like this!

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Same here . I'm having a moment now over thinking as I type because my ears feel like it's pressure in it. my vision is wierd again, sort of fuzzy looking, I'm anticipating so badly that a headache is gonna come because I'm having wierd head sensations plus the dizziness is always constantly come and go for me. and I am over thinking everything . worried all the time. and my menustral is just coming on today so I hope it has a lot to do with me feeling a little nausea plus just tired. but my thoughts is all over. But I feel that same way when it comes to my kids too.

Yep same , my worries does that as well . It feels like weak when I get up and my thoughts just get to me :(

its like a constant battle with myself. I'm basically defeating myself.

Yep it's hard :(

I'm always other thinking too.. but maybe you can find the answers to your worry. for example (touchwood)if you do pass away who do you trust to look after your daughter? I know its horrible to think about but i find when you have a plan with things you worry less.

i also have health anxiety so i can't advise you on that :( the best advise i can give you is to stay off dr google haha

Yeah I know :(

It just scares me to leave her , I'm only 20 & she's only 10 months . It hurts to even think of it . I'm so kin love with my baby we have a bond and I feel like all moms worry about it but it sucks to overthink :(

well its a good thing you're very young that must be reassuring right? but then again I'm 21 myself and I'm suffering with health anxiety so I know how you feel. yeah of course all mums worry, even myself i cry a little thinking what would happen if i died, i wouldn't want my parents to be alone.

I know it is scary! When i was younger I would think like that as well and think I wouldn't want my mom to loose me ever but I lost my mom it scares me now because I don't wanna leave my baby, even if it hurts so much that I lost my mom, it sucks to over think with all this anxiety

I had terrible health anxiety for years and a big thing was what would my daughter do without me. So I made sure to arrange with someone to take care of her if something happened to me and that brought me some comfort. For all of my health worries she's 25 now and I'm still here! Statistically speaking you will most likely also be here when your child is 25.

Yes it worries all mothers that have that bond with their babies , I would like my sister to look after my baby , i don't like the anxiety it sucks for everyone that has it

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