Crying all the time!

So I recently posted about Prozac and side effects and how they were miserable for my anxiety.

I went to my doctor today and I just cried my eyes out in his office. I am 32 chief executive of a government organization in charge of many people and I can't even control my emotions. I told my doctor the side effects of Prozac were terrible and starting crying. Then I just kept crying. And crying. I told him I stopped taking Prozac on Saturday and he said that Klonopin would help.

He told me to take another pill of Klonopin or something and I was ok sure, but I have zero intention of taking this. I feel like I am lab rat.

So tonight at a meeting I had with my elected officials, I explained to them what I was dealing with and I just started balling again. I couldn't control it. I wasn't embarrassed because I have been struggling for months with my anxiety and I needed to talk to them but still, I was crying like a child and I couldn't stop.

Is this crying a withdrawl issue? I mean I only took the stuff for a week!

Or this an overall anxiety thing?


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14 Replies

  • Hi. I am sorry that you have had such an awful time. It seems to me that your crying is more about an emotional release than medication withdrawal issues. It is known that abruptly withdrawing from this type of medication may have side effects - but that usually applies to cases where there has been long term use.I have just asked my partner, who is a doctor, about this.

    You might be right that the Prozac was the wrong medication to begin with - but no one would know that until you tried it as we react differently to medications. It is understandable that you feel a bit like a lad rat - but I am pretty sure that is not the intention of your doctor. Sometimes it will take two or three different drugs before the right one is found for that person.

    The other thing is that your anxiety condition will add to your suspicion of the effectiveness of any drug you may be prescribed.

    You did not mention any kind of therapy you might be undergoing at the moment. That might be something you can consider if you are not already in therapy. Short term medication has its uses, but therapy is more successful in treating the various anxiety disorders.

  • Yes. I am currently in therapy. Started 4 weeks ago. Going well I think. The funny part is the crying didn't start until I started and started Prozac. So I was assuming they might be related.

  • I suppose it is possible - we all have different reactions to drugs. My own feeling is that it is more related to the therapy. As a therapist myself, I have seen this reaction time and again as people begin to allow themselves to open up and face the reality of what is inside. Therapy has given you a safe place to look at things and react to them. As for further medication - that is your decision of course. You may or may not need some short term help as you continue with the therapy. But if you dont need it then dont take it :-) Dont be worried by the emotional reaction you are having - I would expect that from someone in therapy.

  • PatD, I'm glad you saw your doctor but sorry you don't feel any resolution to your problem. Like Karlkohl, I doubt that the crying is from a Prozac withdrawal. You weren't on it but 3 days if I understand right. I know what you mean about the crying because I have been doing it for 5 years after being on different medications. I finally asked to be taken off an antianxiety medication that I was on for many years. It is coming up on 450 days w/o any meds. I still am in therapy and feel I am in a better place emotionally. I know what you mean, the tears would appear because I was filled with so much emotion and loss. Working with a therapist who is supportive and caring has brought me a long way from where I was. Only you can make that decision whether to be on medication or not. Sometimes if you are in a crisis situation you may need medication along with therapy. Just don't let them forget you on the meds for years and take it only as prescribed. I feel so bad that you are suffering and wish you

    an answer to your symptoms. Do what you feel is best for you but with the acknowledgement of your doctor. Tell him outright if you are not going to take what he suggests so that if you run into trouble, he will know what to do.

  • Hi Pat

    I've had bipolar since 1984, finally diagnosed in 1998 and put on prozac and other meds at that point. Initially the side effects were bad but they pass with time and after about four weeks I found they made me a new woman, my depression lifted, and due to the anti-psychotic they gave me, I stopped getting the mania which was so destructive. As far as klonopin goes, I've never had it myself but I do take diazepam occasionally which is similar and a member of the same group of meds and find it really useful when my anxiety gets too much to bear.

    I too held down a responsible job in local government, working right up until my retirement successfully coping with my mental illness due to a combination of great meds, great support from family/friends and a sympathetic employer.

    I'd recommend sticking with the prozac for four weeks and taking the klonopin, you aren't a lab rat, just someone who is suffering and these drugs can really help as they have done for me.


  • You need to know what you are dealing with. Are you depressed? Do you have an anxiety disorder? What does your Dr. say? Is your Dr. a psychiatrist? A psychiatrist is best as you're having troubles getting this treatment business straight. You need clear answers so you can be treated correctly. It seems obvious you have an anxiety problem and need anti-anxiety medication such as klonopin. Prozac is not particularly good for that. It's more of a good antidepressant with some small help with anxiety.

    If you are depressed, then an antidepressant makes sense, but you may have to put up with some uncomfortable side effects for the 1st 2 weeks you take an SSRI or SNRI like Prozac or Lexapro, etc. For some people the 1st 2 weeks they actually feel worse and then they improve as the side effects fade. They start to feel the drug work as the weeks pass and by 4-6th weeks they should feel the full effects.

    Not everyone has trouble with side effects, just some people. I agree that your crying may be due to the therapy process. Think how stressed you've been trying to get your anxiety issues resolved and not having success while trying to do your job at the same time! What a tall order!

    I have GAD--Generalized Anxiety Disorder--and must take Klonopin 3 times a day, 8 hours apart. I follow my instructions and am quite normal and functional. Without it I am not okay. My disorder doesn't go away no matter how I wish it would. I don't know why you have anxiety, but it's important for you to know if yours is temporary due to outside circumstances or is an internal disorder you must accept and have treated with anti-anxiety medicine. I wish you the best of health.

  • Some anti- depressants can take 3/4 weeks to get into system, and during this time symptoms can get slightly worse before getting better..

    I took escitalopram and it changed my wishes

  • Hi Iv been on Sertraline 50 then increased to 75 felt it was working before Christmas but now just got a cold and am crying constantly its like a tap I can't switch off . I need help and don't kno where to turn have thyroid issues on levothyroxine 75 and was put on anti d and propanolol beta blocker and diazepam wen needed I feel like nothing is working at min I do feel I need therapy of some sort to at least tell me I'm not going mad . I have got stuck in a rut not going out and find everything so hard I. Not the person I was I have a partner who is there but only practically I don't feel loved I feel scared a lot of the time I just want to feel normal I'm exhausted after yet another crying fit I want my life bk oh and ? Peri menopausal I don't known body or mind anymore and I'm scared please help !

  • Reading through what my colleagues on this site suggest I think therapy and relaxation are good but sometimes when you have not felt normal for some time drugs are necessary. I held a very stressful government job 8 years ago, unfortunately due to work bullies and stress at home I eventually left. I am on period oil to help me sleep, I have another drug but I live a normal life and worked up until I was 62. You are obviously a very capable lady and appear to be able to cope with a lot, something has triggered this and you need to pinpoint what the cause is I know exactly what triggered my illness over 20 years ago. Really I think you should take the new medicine just for a short time, we all need something to help from time to time and like you I detest taking anything. Please keep me informed of your progress, I think maybe you need to rest up for a week or two. Awaiting to hear you are much better, Love Helen 😌😌

  • No,anxiety is a real thing. I have been suppressing it for years. I was only recently diagnosed as my shaking and trembling wouldnt stop. it had been building up but I tried to block it off. I cry too, kept disappearing from the room as didnt want anyone to see me. I take sertraline which helps with anxiety, but depression is my main mood thing. I dont know what medication helps any one individual. All I know is, like you, I wish it wasnt me feeling like this. I wouldnt wish it on anyone. Feel better soon.

  • I also was advised by employers who stated to notice how I was feeling,and have had a break from work since October. I am now worried how i will feel when I go back. I know I want to, it is taking that step.


  • I think it's time for a new doctor. Medication isn't always the answer. I am not against it sometimeseems you need a doctor that really listens before they just throw pills at you

  • hi pat you are one tough cookie to have a meeting with your collegues and explain what your going through is great so many people hide the feeling and cry in private or just bottle it up well done you should be proud of your self ! as for the prozac i would never take it again as i found i got agressive and took myself on them ! i dont know if your in the uk but quetiapine has helped me out a lot and fewer side effects ! i truelly wise you all the best care i would be grateful if you could let us know how you are david !

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