I feel nervous all the time ?

Recently I've had a feeling where I'm just nervous and anxious all the time and I tend to think about the worst outcome of a situation even when it is unrealistic. I've had it before and it's stopped for months but it's come back for the second time now..what's happening ? I suspect it could be from school since I had one of the most stressful years of my life last year and I still am recovering from all those sleep-deprived nights and crazy emotional outbursts. This year has DEFINITELY been much less stressful (so far in the semester, I don't want to jinx anything) but there are still thoughts of worry and fear about impractical things.

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  • Hi chickenlover123, it sounds like your anxiety is back full force. Your adrenaline level must be high. Anything in particular causing it to surface again? What did you do the first time it appeared in order for it to have stopped for months? Choices may be medication with therapy or using acceptance of the anxiety symptoms and letting it run it's course. We are always here to offer support and understanding, so using this forum may help as well. GoodLuck..

  • thanks for replying Agora1, and i dont think it's one specific thing but it's just that whenever anything happens i tend to think of the worst possible consequences

  • I think most of us with anxiety tend to do that. It's a matter of retraining our brain to get rid of the "What ifs" and turn the negative thoughts around.

  • to stop it, i just buried myself in my workload to forget about everything

  • Yes my anxiety left for about four months but now its back and even worst. i am on 50mg sertraline to contain it. Hopefully it works again

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