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Anxious all the time lately

I have a tummy infection and now I am anxious about the antibiotic I am using as it is causing me nausea and this feeling of nausea triggers my anxiety a lot. In fact any feeling of pain, etc makes me think that I am dying. It even took me a week before using the medication given to me, I was contemplating for a long while.

Someone, anyone , please advise or just help me put my mind at ease and tell me I am not dying any time soon. I am a 33 year old female...

Thank you

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How can anybody on this earth tell you your not going to die soon :D We will die when our time comes, thats life. Try and enjoy each moment as life is precious, take your Tablets and get well soon. xx


This sounds so like me... I just had a throat infection and did the exact same thing and thought something was wrong and I could die but I few days later and im fine and finished the antibiotics.

The doctor wouldn't give them to you if they were to harm you.

Good luck


Hi, I feel the same on taking antibiotics, I hate the side effects, but unfortunately to get better we have to take them. You will be fine. xx


Thanks everyone for the replies...this morning I had to read up symptoms and diseases, which wasn't very wise especially before taking those dreaded meds, but hey, at least I am still alive lol...Thank God...I just have a very hard time accepting the unknown called death I suppose, it hasn't been easy. Anyways, that's totally correct, we're all dying anyways so why waste life on thinking about when, where and how, right ? Btw I think I am dying in this month :)


Hey Lady,

Could you brief about your tummy infection a bit more ?

Is it outside or inside ? How exactly it happened ?

based on your statement above I feel you are a bit Passive ...thinking a bit more for everything .Try to be free and engage yourself in other activities or go for a holiday trip to divert attention.

Don't concentrate your mind to the tummy infection as I never heard of people died wit Tummy infection :-)

Warm up Lady and enjoy your life..


Hi, Prods

Its an internal infection and my esophagus is infected too, more like an acid reflux thing... but it seems the medication is working. That only means one thing, that I will come up with another concern... I go as far as thinking that because I slept for like 2 or 3 hours a night on some nights, that this could possibly cause me dying as well. I read it somewhere and I shouldn't have done that. Its like I feel that if I read up things, the more knowledge I have, the better, but this just exacerbates the scenarios my mind conjures up...

I'm really just looking for things to be anxious about and I am surprised I had zero panic attacks for 3 days...

Thank you for the positive reply :) it helped somewhat and also knowing there are others like me out there, well maybe just not as crazy lol


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