Anxiety and fear of trying sertraline

I have had panic attacks for the past 6 years on and off..but last time was just different. It brought constant anxiety with it.. I'm so terrified all the time. It's effecting my work and family..I'm constantly crying.. and can't control my thoughts. Went to my doctor and prescribed me with sertraline. I was terrified of taking medications.. I started with holly basil and colouring books and writing journals and meditation. Everything was good but temporary. Now I took the first dose of 25MG of my new medication. After reading reviews I'm still scared to make everything worse. .but I had to give it a try. All I know is I couldn't live with the fear any kids and family and work need me.. I couldn't go on like that. I will stick to it for 2 weeks..and will keep everyone posted of the result


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  • Good for you Marymel for taking that first dose. That's the hardest one. I think we all get to a point where we know we can't go forward unless something changes. Being terrified all the time is all consuming and draining. Your body and your mind need a little help right now. I wish you well. Good Luck. xx

  • I really understand your fear of taking medication, however what you have been experiencing is really frightening and you do need something to help you. Usually the medication takes two to three weeks to work, please do not stop taking it after two weeks, if you do yo will be back to the beginning and it will be horrible for you and worse for your family. No one likes to be on drugs but sometimes the pressures of life are such that we need them to make us better, as you tried other things please keep on these if only until you feel strong enough to cope, usually these would mean cutting them down gradually. Do not be afraid you get hooked on them this will not happen. You will get better but it is not worth making your children suffer as it will affect them when they are older. 😊😊

  • Hi Marymel, I agree with you about taking medication, I don't want to take it either!! Unless there's no other option. I was on sertraline and it worked for me. First week on 25mg then on to 50mg. Once the side effects wear off youl probably find they're OK for you. If not then you know you've tried. I no longer take them but they haloed me through a very difficult time a couple of years ago. Good luck and take care👍😀

  • Omg i woke up reading all your beautiful replies. And im in tears..just when i thought no one would undrestand how i feel i found this website and i signed so glad i did. I needed to hear all of your comments .Thank you all. I appreciate sharing your experience. I started taking them as of yesterday as I couldn't deal with living in hell any longer.. how do you know when to add the dosage if it's necessary ? I'm at 25MG right now.

  • I took 25mg for a week, my doctor told me if I could tolerate that ok then take 50mg. I did this, initially I felt a bit sick and it messed with my sleep pattern. Once the nausea wore off the benefits outweighed the negatives. Good luck with it sweetie and yes lots of lovely caring people on here 😘

  • Thank you everyone for all your comments and support.. Day 2 and no side effects yet. Still have anxiety and can't tolerate people and outside world.. maybe I should consult with my doctor to increase the dosage?

  • Hi Marymel, it may take a few days to feel any benefit, your doing well. Give it chance to get into your system. Hope you start to feel better soon 👍🙏🏻

  • Please don't reject your medication. They are all safe and most people will not get many side effects. The doctor has prescribed them because he feels you need them.

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