Side effects of medication and anxiety

I'm new to this but any help offered would be great. I've started taking medication for my anxiety bout 3 days ago now and the side effects have already kicked in. I feel sick all the time n dizzy all the time. With my anxiety on top I feel ready to collapse. Has anyone else had side effects from their medication? I was just wondering how u cope with the two together n keep going cuz I feel I'm ready to give up. Thanx x


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  • Hi

    The medication takes time to settle. I experienced lots of side effects at first and it does feel like it makes things worse. Don't give up just try to rest and eat as much as you can. Take some slow deep breaths and think of a positive time in your will get better. If you can manage it go for a walk but if not get wrapped up and sit outside in the fresh air. Take care x

  • Thank you. I'm at work at the moment feel like a bit of a zombie walking around. Eating feels like a bit of a challenge as I feel so sick but still trying eating bits at a time x

  • This site has some great people who will help you through it. I wish I'd found it in the early days of my depression. Take small steps and you will get there x it might be worth taking a break from work until your meds kick in as its hard physically and emotionally. Look after yourself

  • Hi

    Please don't give up on the medication. I had exactly the same thing happen to me, my anxiety got worse for about 10/12 days - I was living in my own personal hell - before it began to clear, but when it did clear it was bliss. I was on Ciplralex which I think is excellent for anxiety issues, I stayed on it for the recommended 9 months and apart from the odd dry mouth and a few other things it really helped me a lot. When I came off them I was worried that I would be addicted or couldn't live without them but it wasn't the case, and I was safe in the knowledge that if my anxiety came back I could go on them again. I still went into work when I started the medication, but as i have an office based job, I found just sitting there doing something mundane very theraputic, although going in every morning was just awful at the start. I remember hardly saying a word to anyone for what seemed like weeks. I hope it works out for you. PS. I would see a CBT specialist too if you are not already.

  • Thank you both. I work In a nursery which means running around after kids all day. Not the best place I feel when feeling like this. I think ill c how it goes over the weekend n ask my dr. My dr is trying me on meds first before looking at councilling or cbt I feel it might be helpful tho. My main problem is that my anxiety is worse when I'm at work x

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