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Holiday anxiety


Hi everyone I go on holiday on Monday next week with my hubby and 5 year old. Don’t ask why but every time I plan a holiday abroad I work myself up to a frenzy beforehand! Currently feeling anxious, weak legs, fuzzy head and not quite ‘with it’. Wish I could turn it off we really need this break had a tough time as sister been poorly with breast cancer though she is well on road to recovery now. Any advice/coping tips greatly received x

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Holidays are meant to be enjoyable, something you look forward to, yet it's surprising how many people's anxiety levels rise: I think it's because we're moving out of our comfort zone and the safety of routine into uncharted waters.

The answer is to go right ahead and to accept the wobbly legs and to accept the feelings of anxiety and to accept the fuzzy head. Remind yourself that you are in no danger, all is well, your husband is with you.

O.K. maybe there will be anxious moments for you but they will be completely outweighed by the fun and enjoyment you will experience.

moving house and going on holiday are up there with the things that give us anxiety the most.its the travel the packing making sure you got everything you need.make up a check list a couple of days beforehand go through them and tick them off that way you know all is done.just think of the great pending holiday with your family and all the amazing fun times ahead.great to hear your sister is in recovery all the more for you to go and enjoy a fun filled family holiday.

I'm exactly the same

Usually fine once I get there

Thanks everyone for your replies got to admit actually feel worse now and we go tomorrow, really frightened there is something terribly wrong. Feel like I am walking on sponge and unco-ordinated and like I’m not on the planet. Not taking medication any more as I thought I was doing well!! Is this really anxiety?!?

EleanorRose in reply to L1974

I always feel unwell on holiday, especially abroad. I am almost certain with me it is just anxiety - it’s like I arrive on holiday to relax but instead feel instantly dizziness, nauseous, fatigued and all sorts. I’ve just come back from a holiday recently and felt like I needed some sort of holiday to get over it!

Try and live in the moment - take each day/activity as it comes. Remember you are there to enjoy yourself and don’t want to come back regretting anything. I know it’s really hard, but do try and enjoy yourself- that’s what holidays are for! You are in no real danger, it is just a trick of your anxiety.

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